The holiday of Pesach, or Passover, falls on the Hebrew calendar dates of Nissan 14-22. The Jewish calendar date begins at sundown on the 14th and concludes at nightfall of the 22nd. Passover starts  the evening of the first day.  The first two days and The final two days of Passover are are full Holidays with no work allowed. The middle four days are Chol Hamoed, when restricted work is allowed.   

This holiday is also called Pesach in Hebrew and it is one of the most important and most celebrated Jewish holiday. It is celebrated for seven or eight days depending on the calendar and a country it is celebrated in (seven days in Israel).  It a day to remind all Hebrews about the time when their ancestors were released from slavery in Egypt (Exodus from the Bible). The story is shared on the first and the second evening after the Passover Seder service. There are seven dinner items called Symbols of the Seder Plate. Vegetables (representing the tears of their ancestors), lamb’s shank bone (representing the plague that killed all the first-borns in Egypt), boiled egg (as representing fertility), Charoset or Haroset (apples, wine and nuts representing the material Hebrews used when building structures in Egypt), bitter herbs (representing the bitterness of the slavery) and orange (optional: representing the marginalized groups in their society). Those observing must follow a Kosher diet (no barley, oats, corn, legumes and ect.)

The Gregorian Dates for Passover are...

2013:   March 25th to April 2nd
2014:   April 14th to April 22nd
2015:   April 3rd to April 11th
2016: April 22nd to April 30th

2017: April 10th to April 18th
2018: March 30th to April 7th
2019: April 19th to April 27th
2020: April 8th to April 16th
2021: March 28th to April 3rd

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