The word "toast" is a wish of good health. It started in ancient Rome, where a piece of toasted bread was dropped into wine.

August 1

There's the wonderful love of a beautiful maid,
and the love of a staunch true man.
There's the love of a baby that's unafraid,
all have existed since time began.

But the most wonderful love, the Love of Loves,
even greater than the love for Mother,
is the intimate, tenderest, passionate love...
of one dead drunk for another."

- Variation -

"The wonderful love of a beautiful maid,
The love of a staunch true man,
The love of a baby unafraid
Has existed since time began;
But the greatest love, the love of loves,
Even greater than that of a mother,
Is the tender, passionate, infinite love
Of one drunken bum for another."

August   2

“Here’s to us girls with the high-heeled shoes …
We spend your money and drink your booze …
We may have no cherry, but that’s no sin …
We still have the box that it came in!”
- Unknown

August 3

“Amazing friends; summer nights;
Chocolate ice cream; mud slide fights;
Half the summer is gone already
So lets spend the rest of it; slow and steady.”
- Unknown

August 4

"Here's to being single...
Drinking doubles...
And seeing triple!"
- Unknown

August 5

"To the lamp of love...
may it burn brightest in the darkest hours and never flicker in the winds of trial." 
- Unknown

August 6

"May your troubles be less
and your blessings be more
and nothing but happiness
come through the door."
- Traditional Irish

August 7

"Friendship's the wine of life.
Let's drink of it and to it."
- Unknown

August 8

"For every wound, a balm.
For every sorrow, cheer.
For every storm, a calm.
For every thirst, a beer."
- Traditional

August 9

“Here’s to the nights where the sand is your seat, the waves kiss your feet, your friends outnumber the stars, and even the chilliest of nights are still warmer than the cold one in your hand.”
- Unknown

August 10

"To Mom's cooking:
May my wife never find out how bad it really was."
- Unknown
- Alternative -
"Here's to the girls of the American shore,
I love but one, I love no more;
Since she's not here to drink her part,
I drink her share with all my heart."
- Unknown

August 11

"Here's Champagne to our real friends
and real pain to our sham friends."
- Unknown

August 12

"Don't worry about the future,
The present is all thou hast,
The future will soon be present,
And the present will soon be past."
- Unknown

August 13

“May you be half an hour in heaven
Before the devil knows your dead."
- Traditional Irish
- Variation -
"Here's hoping you're in Heaven ten minutes before the devil knows you're dead."
- Irish Toast
"Here's to bread, eggs and cinnamon."
- French Toast

 August 14

"Here's to all of your friends...
they know you far too well,
and they still like you."
- Unknown

August 15

"Early to rise and early to bed makes a male healthy and wealthy and dead."
- James Thurber

August 16

"My heart is as full as my glass,
When I drink to you, old friend!"
- Unknown

August 17

"Here's a toast to all who are here,
no matter where you're from.
May the best day you have seen,
be worse than your worse to come."
 - Traditional Irish

- Alternative -
- Bahasa / In Celebration of Indonesia Independence Day August 17th

August 18

"Here’s to our guest...
Don’t let him rest.
But keep his elbow bending.
‘Tis time to drink...
Full time to think
Tomorrow...when you’re mending."
- Unknown
August 19

"Then here's to the heartening wassail,
Wherever good fellows are found;
Be its master instead of its vassal,
And order the glasses around."
- Frederic Ogden Nash (August 19th, 1902 – May 19th, 1971), an American poet known for light verse.

August 20

"Here's a toast to the roast that good fellowship lends,
With the sparkle of beer and wine;
May its sentiment always be deeper, my friends,
Than the foam at the top of the stein."
- Traditional

August  21

"The man that isn’t jolly after drinking
Is just a driveling idiot, to my thinking."
- Euripides

August  22

"I drink Marchtinis.
Two at the very most.
Three I'm under the table.
Four I'm under the host"
- Dorothy Parker (August 22nd, 1893 – June 7th, 1967), an American poet.
"Drink, and dance and laugh and lie,
Love the reeling midnight through,
For tomorrow we shall die!
(But, alas, we never do.)"
- Dorothy Parker

August  23

"May the most you wish for be the least you get."
- Traditional Irish

August  24

"Come, sit we by the fireside
And roundly drink we hear,
Till that we see our cheeks all dyed
And noses tanned with beer."
- Robert Herrick (baptized August 24th, 1591 – buried October 15th, 1674), an English poet.

August  25

"Here's to the wine we love to drink, and the food we like to eat.
Here's to our wives and sweethearts, let's pray they never meet.
Here's champagne for our real friends And real pain for our sham friends.
And when this life is over, may all of us find peace."
- Traditional

August  26

"Times are hard,
And wages are small,
So drink more beer,
And f**k em all."
- Unknown

August 27

"May the joys of today
Be those of tomorrow.
The goblets of life
Hold no dregs of sorrow."
- Unknown
August 28

"Solange man nüchtern ist,
gefällt das Schlechte.
Wie man getrunken hat,
weiss man das Rechte."
"When one is sober,
the bad can appeal.
When one has taken a drink,
One knows what's real."
- Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (August 28th, 1749  - Marchch 22nd, 1832), a German writer.

August 29

"Here's health in homely rhyme
To our oldest classmate, Father Time;
May our last survivor live to be
As bold and wise and as thorough as he!"
- Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr. (August 29th, 1809 – October 7th, 1894), an American professor and author

August 30

"To eternity, may it last forever!"
- Unknown

August 31

"To all the days here and after
May they be filled with fond memories, happiness, and laughter."
 - Traditional


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