The word "toast" is a wish of good health. It started in ancient Rome, where a piece of toasted bread was dropped into wine.

July 1

"May the winds of fortune sail you,
May you sail a gentle sea.
May it always be the other guy
who says, 'this drink’s on me.'"
- Traditional

July 2

"Not drunk is he who from the floor
Can rise alone, and still drink more;
But drunk is he who prostrate lies,
Without the power to drink or rise."

- Variation -

"He is not drunk who from the floor
Can rise alone and drink some more;
But he is drunk who prostrate liles,
And cannot drink or cannot rise"
- Traditional

July 3

"Here’s to those that wish us well,
all the rest can go to hell."
- Anonymous.

July 4
"Life, lift the full goblet...
away with all sorrow..
The circle of friendship what freedom would sever?
To-day is our own, and a fig for to-morrow...
Here's to the Fourth and our country forever"
- Franklin Pierce Adams

- Alternative -
"Cheers" or "Bottoms Up"
- Traditional USA, In Celebration of Independence Day July 4
 - Americans with German roots say "Prost", Irish roots "Slainte", Italian/Latin Roots- "Salute"

July 5

"Here’s to love.
It doesn’t make the world go ’round,
It’s what makes the ride worthwhile."
- Franklin P. Jones

July 6

"May the friends of our youth be the companions of our old age."
- Anonymous

July 7

"May all your ups and downs be under the blankets."
- Unknown

July 8

"None so deaf as those who will not hear.
None so blind as those who will not see.
But I’ll wager none so deaf nor so blind that he
Sees not nor hears me say come drink this beer."
- W.L. Hasoldt

July 9

"Candy Is Dandy
But liquor Is quicker."

July 10

"Down your throat,
Into your bladder,
Which end it comes out,
Does it really matter?"
- Unknown

July 11

"We drink to your coffin.
May it be built from the wood of a hundred year old oak tree that I shall plant tomorrow."
- Traditional Irish

- Variation -

"May your coffin have six handles of finest silver!
May your coffin be carried by six fair young maids!
And may your coffin be made of finest wood
from a 100-year-old tree
that I'll go plant tomorrow!"
- Traditional Irish

July 12

"Come, sit we by the fireside
And roundly drink we hear,
Till that we see our cheeks all dyed
And noses tanned with beer."
- Traditional

July 13

"Here’s to the four hinges of Friendship...
Swearing, Lying, Stealing, and Drinking.
When you swear, swear by your country.
When you lie, lie for a pretty woman.
When you steal, steal away from bad company.
And when you drink, drink with me."
- Anonymous

July 14

A Votre Sante! (French) (Ah Vot-ruh Sahn-tay) To Your Health!


Here's to France, the moon whose magic rays move the tides of the world
- Happy Bastille Day!!

July 15

"For every wound, a balm.
For every sorrow, cheer.
For every storm, a calm.
For every thirst, a beer."
- Traditional

July 16

"Here’s to the heart that fills as the bottle empties."
- Anonymous

July 17

"Make new friends, but keep the old;
These are silver, those are gold.
New-made friends, like new wine,
Age will mellow and refine.
Brow may furrow, hair turn gray,
But friendship never knows Decemberay."
- Art Linkletter (July 17th, 1912 - May 26th, 2010), a Canadian radio and television personality.

July 18

"From man's sweat and God's love,beer came into the world"
- Saint Arnold, recognized by the Catholic Church as the Patron Saint of Hop-Pickers and Belgian Brewers. His miracle was a Mug that never ran dry and satisfied thirsty crowd. July 18th is St. Arnold's Day

July 19

"That the tap may be open when it rusts"
- Traditional

July 20

"I once knew a girl who lived on a hill,
What she won't do her sister will...
So here's to her sister"
- Anonymous

July 21

"Here's a health to all those that we love,
Here's a health to all those that love us,
Here's a health to all those that love them...
that love those
that love them
that love those
that love us."
- Traditional

- Alternative -
"Op uw gezondheid' (Flemish/Dutch) or "A Votre Sante" (French)
- In Celebration of Belgium's National Holiday, Commemorating the ascension to the throne of Belgium's first king Leopold I on July 21st 

July 22

"The man that isn’t jolly after drinking
Is just a driveling idiot, to my thinking."
- Euripides
July 23

"Here’s to eternity, may we spend it in as good company as this night finds us."
- Anonymous

July 24

"A narrow neck keeps the bottle from being emptied in one swig."
- Unknown

July 25

"Now I, friend, drink to you, friend,
As my friend drank to me,
And I, friend, charge to you, friend,
As my friend charge me,
That you, friend, drink to your friend,
As my friend drank to me;
And the more we drink together, friend,
The merrier we will be!"
- Anonymous

July 26

"Let no man thirst for lack of Real Ale."
- Unknown
- Alternative -
"May the path to hell grow green with grass for want of use!"

July 27

"Here's to the women with faces so fair,
Framed in a wreath of beautiful hair,
Pretty red lips as soft as a rose,
How many have kissed them God only knows."
- Unknown

July 28

"May your last check bounce before you die."
- Unknown

July 29

"Here's to King Solomon, ruler and sage,
the wisest of men in history's page.
He had wives by the thousand, and thought it was fun...
Here's hoping we know how to handle just one."
- Unknown
July 30

 “So here’s to all those summer nights when my feet hit the sand
and the waves break my fall and
all my friends around me out number the stars.”
- Unknown

July 31

"The bubble winked at me and said,
'You’ll miss me brother, when you’re dead.'"
 - Oliver Herford (1863–1935), an American writer


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