Boot of Beer

Also Known as...

Das Boot, Team Boot, Boot Circle

Similar to...

Boat Races, Anchorman, Shoot the Boot


6+ (Boot of Beer), 3+ (Boot Circle), 1+(Boot Time Trials)

Two Glass Boots (or more for Team Boot), Booze.

Intoxication Level

Very High


German themed bars in America often have boot shaped glasses called Stiefels or Damenbeins (Ladies Leg). They are usually engraved with logos. These boots can be used as a drinking challenge. These glasses are said to be used for Drinking Games in German Beer Festivals, or "Bierstiefels".

The game is usually played with two teams of four, standing facing each other across a table, The first 3 Players for each team have large glass mugs and Final Player has the Boot.


The Players for both teams farthest from the boot begin first (at the same time). The next Player of each team may not start till the teamate before them finishes, the final team member (with the boot) go last, after all their teamates have finished.  Whichever team finishes first wins.  The game was featured in the film Beerfest.

Some play that the next player may not start until the teamate before them places the vessel upside down on the table to prove there is no beer left in the vessel.  The first player to place the boot upside down on the table, wins.

Team Boot (Variation A)

The game can also be plaed with all Boots.

Boot Circle (Variation B)

The boot circle requires one beer boot. The Starting player begins by drinking as much as they want from the boot. Then the starting Player passes it to his left or right at any time. When the next player receives the boot, they must drink as much as they want and then pass. The Player who finishes the beer boot is the winner. It is good strategy to not leave the next player with an amount that is easy to drink.

When played in a bar, usually the next-to-last drinker is the loser and is required to pay for the next round of drinks.

Boot Circle Rulemaster (Variation C)

Some play that  the winner of one round can make a rule for the next round.

Boot Time Trials (Variation D)

A Boot can be used for as a single person timed race. See Shoot the boot.

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