Boat Races

Also Known as...

Beer On A Table Race, Anchorman (without quarters)

Similar to..

Flip Cup, Anchorman, Das Boot



One Cup for each Player, Table, Booze.

Intoxication Level



Players are split in (usually (See Royale Version)) two even teams facing each other, often on oposite sides of a mutual table in parallel rows.
All players have a filled cup (usually 16 oz.) to start placed in front of them. Players can not touch their glass until their turn. 


The first players on each team start the game by drinking all of their beer and setting the cup back down on the table. When the cup touches the table the second person lifts and drinks their beer and sets their cup down on the table. This continues until the last beer is gone. The first team to place their last empty cup on the table wins. The last players are known as the anchors.

(Variaiton A) Dual Engine Boat Race (Duelies)

Each player has two glasses of beer. The race goes down the line and returns. That means the end players have to drink two beers in a row. Tripple Engine Boat Races or more are also possibilities

(Variation I) Invertion

Once a beverage is consumed, the drinker must invert the empty vessel on their head. This is done to ensure no cheating occurs.  The next team mate cannot touch his or her drink until this has occurred. Empty vessels must be kept on the competitors head until the race is over.

(Variation R) Boat Race Royale

It is also possible to play a three-way (or more) Boat Race, usually around a circular table.

Other Variations

Number and of drinkers, Gender of Drinkers, Drinking Vessels,  Punishments for spilling. 

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