Flag Day (Quebec)   
Wellington Anniversary (New Zealand)   
Lady of Altagracia Day (Dominican Republic)
Dzień Babci - Grandmothers' Day (Poland) *
National Hug Day a.k.a. National Hugging Day (USA)

Hat Day
Squirrel Appreciation Day
New England Clam Chowder Day
Anniversity of the Death of George Orwell, British writer (b. 1903 d.1950)
Benny Hill's Birthday, Benny Hill was an English actor, comedian, and singer (b.1924 d. 1992)
AFRMA Fancy Rat & Mouse Day
Inauguration Day (When January 20th is a Sunday)
Christian Feast Day of Saint Agnes
Christian Feast Day of Fructuosus
Christian Feast Day of Meinrad of Einsiedeln

* Dinagyang (Iloilo City, The Philippines( - Late January - (1-2)
* Dr. Alfonso Ortiz Tirado Cultural Festival (1of10) Alamos, Sonora the lilting strains of guitars, the pounding rhythms of rock bands and the echoing arias of opera stars.
* Big Day Out - (4of14)last 2 weeks in January, Big Day Out is a music festival that travels around Australia & New Zealand.
* Rijeka Carnival (2011) (1of3 29th and Feb 5th) is in Rijeka, Croatia. This festival usually occurs mid-late January. Also known as karneval/carnaval and to locals as maškare.

Carnival Season (Christianity) January 6th to the Tuesday before Ash Wednesday A celebration period proceeding the Fast of Lent

Mousse Day Translation Moss Day (French Republican) The Second day of the Month of Pluviôse in the French Republican Calendar

Toast of The Day

 "May you never forget
what is worth remembering
or remember
what is best forgotten."

- Traditional

Drink of The Day

 Screaming Orgasm (Cream)

1 Part Vodka
1 Part Irish Cream Liquor
1 Part Amaretto
1 Part Kahlua
1 Part Cream

Roll between mixing cups to blend ingredients

Wine of The Day

 Renteria (2008) Chardonnay
Style - Chardonnay
Carneros Napa Valley

Beer of The Day

 Y.P.A. (Yorkshire Pale Ale)
Brewer - Roosters Brewing Co. Ltd. ;  Knaresborough, United Kingdom  
Style - English-Style Summer Ale

Joke of The Day

 A man is in a bar and falling off his stool every couple of minutes. He is obviously drunk. So the bartender says to another man in the bar: "Why don't you be a good Samaritan and take him home."
The man takes the drunk out the door and to his car and he stumbles at least ten times. They drive along and the drunk points out his house to the man. He stops the car and the drunk stumbles up the steps to his house with the man.
The drunk's wife greets them at the door: "Why thank you for bringing him home for me, but where's his wheel chair?"

Quote of The Day

"Reality is an illusion caused by a lack of good beer"

- Unknown

January Celebrations  

Apple and Apricots Month
Artichoke and Asparagus Month
Be Kind to Food Servers
Bread Machine Baking Month
California Dried Plum Digestive Health Month
Carnival Season (Starting January 6th)
Celebration of Life Month
Cervical Cancer Awareness Month
Cervical Cancer Screening Month
Cherry Blossom Festival in Okinawa, Japan, a very colorful festivals every January in Nago since 1928.
Coffee Gourmet International Month
Family Fit Lifestyle Month
Financial Wellness Month
First Binary Month (1of 3) (0s and 1s)
International Brain Teaser Month
International Change Your Stars Month
International Creativity Month
International New Years Resolutions Month for Businesses
International Quality of Life Month
International Wayfinding Month
International Wealth Mentality Month
National Bath Safety Month
National Be On-Purpose Month
National Birth Defects Prevention Mont
National Blood Donor Month
National Book Blitz Month
National Braille Literacy Month
National Candy Month
National Child-Centered Divorce Awareness Month
National Clean Up Your Computer Month
National Egg Month
National Get Organized Month
National Glaucoma Awareness Month
National Hobby Month
National Hot Tea Month
National Lose Weight, Feel Great Month
National Mail Order Gardening Month
National Meat Month
National Mentoring Month
National Oatmeal Month
National Personal Self-Defense Awareness Month
National Polka Music Month
National Poverty in America Awareness Month
National Radon Action Month
National Skating Month
National Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Month
National Soup Month
National Stalking Awareness Month
National Thank You Month
National Volunteer Blood Donor Mont
National Wheat Bread Month
Prune Breakfast Month
Resolve to Eat Breakfast Month
National Returns Month
Rising Star Month
Self-Love Month
Self-help Group Awareness Month
Shape Up US Month
Thaipusam - Festival of Faith in Batu Caves, Malaysia
Thyroid Awareness Month
Tubers and Dried Fruit Month
World Buskers Festival in Christchurch, New Zealand.

Week Celebrations 

Snowfest Third Week in January
Hunt for Happiness Week  Third Week in January

Sundance Film Festival 9 days Starting the third Tuesday in January
National Fresh Squeezed Juice Week January 17th to 23rd
Week of Christian Unity January 18th to 25th
National Activity Professionals Week Starting third Saturday of January
Healthy Weight Week (Australia) January 20th-27th
Hunt For Happiness Week: January 20th-26th
National Nurse Anesthetists Week January 20th-26th
National Take Back Your Time Week January 21st-25th
National Handwriting Analysis Week Week of January 23rd (John Hancock’s birthday)
No Name Calling Week Fourth Week of January
Clean Out Your Inbox Week Last working week of January

Historical Events on January 21st


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