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Intoxication Level



All players sit in a circle.


The starting player ("Viking") puts their thumbs next to their head like horns and wiggles them for a couple seconds then claps his/her hands once, then points them at any other player.
The player that was pointed at must make the same horns gesture (they are now the "Viking"). The players on each side of the "viking" must "steer the boat" (making a rowing motion to the oposite side of the Viking the player (the player to the left of the "Viking" must row on the left side, the player to the right of the "Viking" must row on the right side, The Viking then claps their hands once, and points at another player.
This continues until either the designated Viking misses their cue, or either rower fails to row the boat in the appropriate direction. The player that made the mistake must drink and  resumes play as the viking.

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