Also Known as...


4+ (More is better)


Table, Booze

Intoxication Level

Low to Medium


Players gather in a circle, all players begin drumming their hands on the table or floor or whatever the playing surface may be.


During the drumming, the starting player asks "WHAT'S THE NAME OF THE GAME?" all players must respond "THUMPER!!!"  Then the starting player asks "AND WHY DO WE PLAY THE GAME?". All players respond with "TO GET F*CKED UP!!".

The starting player then performs his signature hand gesture, immediately followed by the signature hand gesture of any other player.

That player then performs his/her own hand gesture followed by another players. Play continues until a cue is missed, a player  responds too slowly, or a player responds out of turn. The offending player must drink and re-start the game as the starting player.

 Speed Changes (Variation A)

Some play that the starting player may call "SLO-MO!" or "HIGH SPEED" at any time.  When this is called the drumming and the game play must decrease or increase accordingly.

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