Also Known as...

21, The Unspeakable Number, Twenty plus One

Similar to...

Bizz Buzz, Zoom Shwartz Figliano



Intoxication Level



Players stand or sit in a cirlce
The game begins with one player calling the direction of play by saying, "I propose a game of 21 To my left!" or "I propose a game of 21 To my right!" followed by a sequential series of numbers beginning with one.


As the game progresses, each player in turn must recite one to three numbers, counting in sequence from where the previous player left off...

Saying one number ("Two") passes the game to the next player in the circle in the starting direction.
Saying two numbers (e.g. "Three, Four") passes to the next player, but reverses direction.
Saying three numbers (e.g. "Five, Six, Fourteen") passes in the initial direction, but skips a player.
If a player makes a mistake, they must drink (e.g. 2 fingers of drink) and then restart the game from 1.

The only hard set rule is that 7 and 14 are switched, so when the group counts off it goes-

1,2,3,4,5,6,14,8,9,10,11,12, 13,7,15,16,17,18,19,20,21

Mistakes include:

Hesitating to continue the game.
Calling the wrong number.
Calling a number out of turn.
Breaching any original or instated rule.

Once the group successfully gets to 21 with no mistakes, everyone takes a drink and then the person that said 21 picks a number (that doesn't already have a rule attatched) and makes a rule. It can be anything they choose, then restarts the game from 1..

Some Common Rules include...

Players must have their beer in their left hand when this number is said.
Instead of saying the number, players must look at the person to their right and say the name of the person to their left.
Players must "sing" this number.

The Game is over when every number has a rule and the group makes it through with no mistakes.

The Unspeakable Number (Variation A)

Some people play that no person may say "Twenty One" at any time, including the start. Instead the person who calls the game will say...
"I propose a game of the unspeakable number!"
"I propose a game of twenty plus one!"
"I propose a game of 20...22!"
"I propose a game of the number which we do not speak of!"

At the end of the game the last player will call "Cheers, Gov'na!", instead of 21.
Anyone who says 21 must finish their drink (Some house rules penalize with only 1 drink) 

Pay your Dues (Variation B)

Some people play the same rules at Variation A but the finishing player MUST SAY 21 and pay the penalty of finishing their drink before they make a rule and restart.

The game is never under any circumstances referred to as "twenty one"

How I'ts Done (Variation C)

Some Play that If a player makes a mistake when it's their turn, then they drink and the NEXT person starts the count again.

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