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Bizz-Buzz, Bizz-Buzz-Woof, 7-Boom, Cricket, Bizzty-Buzz, Super Bizz-Buzz

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Zoom Shwartz Figliano




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Players sit or stand in a circle. 


The starting player begins counting with 'one,' the next player says 'two,' and so on until the group reaches a number that is divisible by 7 (or the number chosen by the group prior to playing). The player must say "buzz" instead of the number.

If a player does not "buzz" when they are supposed to, or says "buzz" when they are not supposed to, they must drink and re-start. A player who hesitates or makes a mistake also must drink and re-start. Pointing (with a finger) is usually considered bad manners and results in the offender having to take a drink.

The group may work as a team to see how high of a number they can reach.

Reverse (Variation A)

Some play that "buzz" also changes the direction of the circle

Full Buzz (Variation B)

Some play that Buzz is used to replace all numbers divisible by 7 (or the number chosen by the group prior to playing) and numbers that have the number in it.  (1,2,3,4,5,6,Buzz,8,9,10,11, 12,13,Buzz,15,16,Buzz,18, 19,20,Buzz,22)

7-Boom (Variation C)

A common version of the game in Israel is called "7 Boom". The players replace every number divisible by 7 or containing the digit 7 with "boom".


Double Buzz (Variation D)

More than one number may be used.  Some add '11' in addition to "7" and say 'Bizz' for anything divisible of 11. In the case of 77, the player would say 'bizz buzz'.

For Example: 1,2,3,4,5,6,Buzz,8,9,10,Buzz, 12,13,Buzz,15,16,17,18,19,20, Buzz,Buzz,

Full Buzz (Variation E)

The Buzz game played by the best requires Players to say Buzz in place of any number with a seven in it , Any multiple of seven, and any double digit For Example: 1,2,3,4,5,6,Buzz,8,9,10, Buzz,12,13,Buzz,15,16,Buzz, 18,19,20,Buzz,Buzz,

Bizz Buzz (Variation F)

When using two different numbers, some will use Bizz to replace one, and Buzz to replace the other. Any number divisible by 3 (or a number chosen by the group prior to play) is replaced by the word bizz and any divisible by 5 (or a number chosen by the group prior to play) by the word buzz. Numbers divisible by both become bizz-buzz. A normal game of Bizz-Buzz (using 3s and 5s) is as follows...
1, 2, Bizz, 4, Buzz, Bizz, 7, 8, Bizz, Buzz, 11, Bizz, 13, 14, Bizz-Buzz, 16, 17, Bizz, 19, Buzz, Bizz, 22, 23, Bizz, Buzz, 26, Bizz, 28, 29, Bizz-Buzz, 31, 32, Bizz, 34, Buzz, Bizz, ...

Changing Directions (Variation G)

More challenging variation has the direction of play change on Bizz or Buzz, but not on Bizz-Buzz.  For certain sequences, this makes the action bounce between 2 or 3 players and causes misplays when it breaks out.

Reverse Control (Variation H)

Some play that players have a choice of saying Bizz or Buzz when required to substitute for the number. Buzz reverses the direction while Bizz does not (The saying goes Bizz is the way it "is" and Buzz is the way it "wuz").

Bizzty Buzz (Variation I)

Often only the actual digit is replaced, so 23 becomes "twenty-bizz" and 50 is "buzzty". This variation can be combined with the original to form an even more challenging sequence

Math- Free Bizz Buzz (Variation J)

Instead of replacing numbers that have 3 or 5 as a factor, the game can be played by replacing numbers containing the digit 3 or 5 with "bizz" or "buzz".


Cricket (Variation K)

In this variation, the special numbers are 4 and 6, which are replaced with the cricket umpiring gestures for their respective scoring plays. This Variation is Common in Australia.

Super Bizz-Buzz or Full Bizz-Buzz (Variation L)

Some Play by replacing numbers containing the digit 3 or 5 (or any other numbers chosen by the group prior to play) with "bizz" or "buzz" in addition to numbers divisible by the same numbers.  3 and 7 can be used instead, this has a complex sequence between 12 and 18. "Bizz-Buzz" is used for numbers that are multiples of, or contain both.

For Example: 1,2,Bizz,4,5,Bizz,Buzz,8, Bizz,10,11,Bizz,Bizz,Buzz, Bizz,16,Buzz,Bizz,19,20, Bizz-Buzz,22,

Jersey Style (Variation M)

Variation is just to say Buzz on prime numbers and switch directions.

Bizz- Buzz in the Base of 5 (Variation N)

The game can be played in a mathematical base other than 10. For example, playing in base 5 would proceed as follows:
1, 2, Bizz, 4, Buzz, Bizz, 12, 13, Bizz, Buzz, 21, Bizz, 23, 24, Bizz Buzz, 31, 32, Bizz, 34, Buzz, Bizz, ...  

Bizz Buzz Woof (Variation O)

Many of the above rules are the same. In this case, the number 3 becomes Bizz, 5 becomes Buzz, and 7 becomes Woof. The main rules in this game are that any number that contains the number or is divisible by that number is replaced by an occurrence of the word. If the number has 2 instances of that number (i.e. 33 or 55) and is divisible by that number, then the word is said three times in this example. The additional rule is that the words (if more than one occur) must be said in the order given in the title.

1, 2, Bizz (3), 4, Buzz (5), Bizz (6), Woof (7), 8, Bizz(9), Buzz(10), 11, Bizz (12), Bizz (13), Woof (14),Bizz Buzz Buzz (15), 16, Woof (17), Bizz (18), 19, Buzz (20), Bizz Woof (21), 22, Bizz (23), Bizz (24), Buzz Buzz (25), 26, Bizz Woof (27), Woof (28), 29, Bizz Bizz Buzz (30) ...

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