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Deck of Cards, Booze,

Intoxication Level

Medium to High


All of cards of a full deck are dealt out clockwise, face down to each player. Players should hide their hand from oponents.


The Player to the dealers left begins by laying down any card they wish. The next players (clockwise) must lay down the same face value card (1 per player) as the previous player. If a player does not have a card of the same face value, that player becomes 'trapped' and must take a drink. The next player may then play any card they choose. If the 'trapped' player doesn't have that card they remain 'trapped', and must take another drink. Then they next player plays any card they wish. This continues until the 'trapped' player is able to play the same face value card as one of the other players (they become "untrapped").
Play continues until a player plays their last card. Once this happens, the rest of the players must count their remaining cards and take a drink for each.

Finger Drink Finale (Variation A)

Some play that at the end of the game, all players count their remaining cards and the winner will count out loud up to the highest number of cards. All players must continuously drink until their number is said 

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