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British Cheat, Bluff, BS, Bull, Canadian Bluff,  Cheat, Chinese Bluff, Egyptian Bluff, Eightsh*t,  Foursh*t, Hawaiian Bluff, I Doubt it, Liar,  Royals Cheat, Sinner's Bluff, Spanish Bluff

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Bullsh*t Pyramid



1 (or 2) Deck(s) of Standard Playing Cards, Booze

Intoxication Level

Medium to High


Players gather in a circle, The entire deck of cards is dealt out among all players (some variations have specific methods to determine how the deal is done).


The Player's objective is to be the first to get rid of all their cards.  The starting player begins by laying down the number of aces they have face down. The player may lie if they wish (i.e. place one card down when they don't have any, place two cards down when the only have one, ect.). For Example if paddy is supposed to play aces, he may choose to play a 10 instead and claim it was an ace, or he may play an Ace and a Queen and claim it was two aces. The player must be truthful about how many cards they laid on the table (unless playing variation).

If another player believes the player who laid the card(s) is lying, they may call "Bullsh*t!" (or "Cheat", "Bluff" depending on what the Players' call the game). The Player must flip over the card(s) they just laid. If the accuser is correct, the violator must take (approximately) one sip per number of cards in the stack and add the stack to their hand. If the accuser is wrong, the accuser must drink the decided amount and add the stack to their hand rather than the Player who laid the card(s). The player who was forced to pick up the deck resumes the game by playing the same denomination as the last card played before the challenge.

If a Player does not have any of the denomination to be played, and chooses not to lie, they still must pick up the cards in the deck and drink the same amount. Therefore, there is no extra penalty for lying and it should, at least, be attempted. If the play is not called play continues to the next player

The Next player must lay down the number of twos they have face down. Play continues up to King before returning to aces. Play continues until a Player runs out of cards and is the winner.

Some play until only one player has cards, creating a Higherarchy (similar to Asshole)

Rank Fork Variation (Variation A) 

Some Play that a Player may place any number of cards which are either the same rank as the last card played or one rank above or below the played card. With Ace counting as both high and low. For Example if Scotty plays Queens, then Paddy can either play Queens, Kings, Jacks, call Scotty on a Bluff, or Bluff himself and claim any of the three possible denominations.

Pass (Variation B)

Some, especially in the U.K. play that if a Player draws any King they pour into the cup and the player that breaks the circle of cards must drink the cup (not the fourth King).

Liar, Liar (Variation C)

Some play that Players may put down three cards and say they are playing only two.

Joker's Wild (Variation D)

Some play with Jokers, which can be used as any denomination.

Flying Solo (Variation E)

Some play that players may only play one card at a time.

Specificity (Variation F)

Some play that players must play one card at a time while calling out and playing the same suit as the previous player.

Free-for-All (Variation G) 

Some Play that players may play any amount and rank of cards regardless of the cards played by the previous person. Players must at least claim the cards are the same denomination. Players may also lie about the number of cards played.

Cheat (Variation H)

Some play that players may to attempt to get rid of their cards by any means (i.e. hiding their cards) some play that players may lie about which cards they just laid down after being called on a bluff.

Joker's Top (Variation I)

Some play with Jokers as a separate rank between Kings and Aces.

 Check (Variation J)

Some play that a player may "check" or look at the last played card(s), amking sure not to allow any other players see. If a player "checks", they may not call the bluff (it is only used to gather information).

Eightsh*t (Variation K)

Two decks are used instead of one so that there are 8 of every card and usually all four jokers are used and considered wild (they may represent any rank in the game).

Players may chose which ranks to use in the decks (usually a couple ranks more than total players). For Example if there are five players they may use 5,7,8,9,10,J,K.  It is for this reason that decks with missing cards are often utilised.

The Starting player may place whatever they like face down on the table (this may be the cards they call out or it may be a bluff). The Next player must play as many cards as they choose of the same rank as the previous player or bluff. If the first player plays kings, all the other players must also play kings or a Joker (wild) for that round. A player may also play more cards than they claim to play (although a "bullsh*t" challenge catches this).

At any moment any player can challenge the last player to play cards on the table by saying "bullsh*t" and turning the cards over. If the cards played were not a bluff, the challenger picks up all cards on the table and drinks a corresponding amount, if the challenger was correct and the cards don't match what was called out (rank or number of cards), the player who made the bluff has to pick up all the cards and drink a corresponding amount. The player who won the challenge (did not pick up cards) begins a new round by calling out and playing any rank of their choice.

If at any point a player has all 8 cards of a certain rank (without wilds), they must takes them out immediately and place them to the side. They are out of play for the remainder of the game.  If a player leads out with all 8 cards of a suit they automatically lose the game and must chug an entire drink. Player may have up to 11 of one rank (seven natural ones and four jokers).

Play continues until it returns to the
The winner is the first player to get rid of all their cards. The Game ends when only one player (the loser) has cards left.

Fourshit (Variation L)

A Variation of Eightsh*t played with just one deck (and often two Jokers). Same Rules apply.

Spanish Bluff (Variation M)

Spanish Bluff is a variation of Eightsh*t that starts with a bidding war to see who has more of the highest card. The winner of the challenge is the first player.

Canadian Bluff (Variation N)

In Canada, a variation of Eightsh*t is the first player to be dealt a Jack face up, and then the cards are re dealt face down.

Egyptian Bluff (Variation O)

In Egyptian Bluff, the player with the ace of hearts goes first, the following player can play a card one rank above, below or the rank as the first player. If a player challenges a call correctly, the violator picks up all the cards and drinks while the challenger starts with a any card(s) the wish. If the challenger was wrong, they must pick up all the cards and drink and the Player who laid the cards starts with a any card(s) the wish.

Hawaiian Bluff (Variation P)

In Hawaiian Bluff, A player can challenge another player at any time, even if it is not their turn.

Jump in Play (Variation Q) 

There exist many variations of the game, including one where there are no turns and anybody may play or call another player's bluff at any time.

Royals Cheat (Variation R)

In Royals Cheat, Royal cards (Jack, Queen and King) are not valid plays. Players May only call out A through 10 and must "bluff" out their royal cards. Players must call Ace through 10, then Ace again.

Only One (Variation S)

If a Player calls "Bullshit", the accuser is only allowed to reveal one of the cards played at random. If the card is of the declared rank, the caller picks up the cards. If the card is not of the declared rank, the previous person picks up all the cards and a new round begins.

Chinese Bluff (Variation T)

In Chinese Bluff, often just called Cheat, (only) during their turn Players may either Play more cards of the same rank, say "Skip/Pass", say "I doubt it", or say "I Believe"

If the Player says "Skip or Pass", the next player goes in that order or

Say "I Doubt It" to challenge the previous player's claim. If the challenger is right, the previous person picks up all the cards, Drinks, and the challenger starts a new round. If the challenge is wrong, the challenger picks up all the Cards, Drinks, and the next person  starts a new round with the rank of his choice

Say "I Believe". If the Accuser is wrong, The Accuser picks up all the cards, drinks, and the next person starts a new round with the rank of their choice. If the accuser is right, all the cards on the table are removed from the game and the accuser starts a new round with the rank of their choice.

Goes without Saying (Variation U)

Players do not have to say "Bullsh*t", "Cheat", "Bluff", ect. Turning over an opponent's play signifies they are bluffing the play.

Sinner's Bluff (Variation V)

Another variation is where if the player is caught cheating, their hand can be hit hard by the other players as they go to retrieve their card across the table. After one player goes out, the game may continue to determine second place, third, etc.

British Cheat (Variation W) 

In Brittish Cheat, ALL cheating is allowed at any time. Players must still call out the cards that they are claiming to be laying down, and if unchallenged, the next player has to play the same or one up or one down.

For Example The dealer can intentionally mis-deal the deck. However, other players can demand a redeal before play starts.

The players may attempt to interfere with the cards dealt, and pass cards on to other players.

A player may attempt to sneak a look at another Player's cards.

A player may attempt to include extra cards when laying doww. Opponents may visually inspect the stack after each play, but they may not touch them.

Players may attempt to take turn out of order, pretending it was their turn (including first play).

Players may attempt to hide their cards.

All cheats are safe as soon as the next player takes their turn.