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Table, Deck of cards with 10 through Ace only, Booze

Intoxication Level

Medium to High


One full cup of booze is placed in the center of the table, 20 cards are arranged in any formation around the cup of booze. Players determine the starting player and the direction of play around the circle.


The starting player draws a card.
The Normal Card values are as follows although many have developed their own House Rules

10 - Word Association * for rules CLICK HERE
J - Social (all players drink)
Q - Drawing player takes one drink
K - Drawing player gives one drink to any other player.
A - The first three aces drawn have no association, but players must keep track of how many aces are drawn. The player who draws the final Ace must drink the entire cup of booze in the center of the table.

Play continues until no cards remain. Some Play until the final Ace is drawn.

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