Russian Roulette

Also Known as...

Russian Beer Roulette, Ruskie Hunter 

Similar to...

Beer Hunter

Also Refers to...

Beer Hunter



On cup per player, vodka, water.

Intoxication Level



One cup is filled with vodka and the rest are filled with water. Two suits of Ace-6 are taken from the deck. One suit of cards is placed under the six cups, face up.


The second set of cards is handed out randomly to the other players. Each person has to drink the cup that standing on top of the card that matches their own.

Shuffler's Out (Variation A)

Some designate a cup "shuffler" rather than use cards.  Place a cup for every player on the table and have everyone close there eyes. A designated player sits out the round and fills one cup with a shot of vodka or some other clear liquor. They then then fill the rest of the cups with water. Everyone then opens their eyes and picks a cup. Players are not allowed to smell the drinks prior to consuming. Players take turns around the circle drinking what they have in their cup.

Ruskie Hunter (Variation B) 

Some play that at the end everyone tries to guess who had the vodka. If more then half guess correctly who had the vodka they must take another shot. If less than half guess correctly, then all the players who had water take a shot.

Shuffler's Paradox (Variation C)

Some play that the person who mixed up the drinks gets the remaining choice instead of sitting out the round.

Double Down (Variation D) 

Some fill two or more cups with vodka.

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