Beer Hunter

Also Known as...

Beer Roulette



One can of beer for each Player, a Box.

Intoxication Level



One player must Shake one can Vigorously then put it in the box (this is the "Live Round"). Another person (not looking) mixes them around and so on until all Players have moved the cans around ... or a trustworthy person not playing can mix them around (Just make sure this person doesn't shake them all up because it will be tempting).  Alternatively one player shakes up the can and the other players pick leaving the last can for the shaker. 


The first Player picks a can, holds it to the side of their head and opens it.   If is the Live Round and explodes they get wet and lose - game over. They must at least try to drink the beer. If it not a live Round they must drink it and the next player takes one and tries. etc.

Variation A - Hunting

Players can use a case and shake one or more beers and place it back in the Case.  Then the players go "Hunting" and continue with their night waiting for someone to open the "Live Round".

More Variations

B. More then one can can be shaken vigorously
C. Players may or may not know the exact amount of shaken cans.
D. Players can open the cans under their nose instead of at the side of the head.

E. The Player who was the loser of the previous round gets to shake up the beer.

F. A maximum of 15 minutes is allowed between rounds.  If a player cannot finish their beer for any reason they must pour the remainder on their head.

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