Rule of Thumb

Similar to...

Circle of Death

Also Refers to...

Thumb Master



Table, Deck of Playing Cards, Booze

Intoxication Level

Medium to High


Players gather around the table with booze. The dealer has all the cards. Players take turns being the dealer.


The first dealer deals one card face up to each player
The player that is dealt the lowest card must drink (Aces High).
Players that get dealt matching cards must drink.
If players have matching cards that are also the lowest, they must drink twice.

The Dealer Continues dealing to the players until the deck has run out. At this point, the deck is collected and passed to the left. The new dealer makes up a rule that will remain for the rest of the game (and drinks are cumulative). The new dealer then deals until the deck runs out and is then collected and passed to thier left and so on until the deck has returned to the original dealer (and everyone has made a rule). The game is finished when the deck arrives back at the original dealer who makes a rule and deals one last time.

Joker Social (Variation A)

Some play with jokers in the deck, which count as a Social so everyone must drink.

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