Thumb Master

Also Known as...

Thumb Control



Table, Booze

Intoxication Level

Low to Medium


This game is usually played in conjunction with any other game during the course of the evening or assimilated into the game (like as a rule or wild-card)  It is very simple and easily added.


The game starts by picking the person who will be the first Thumb Master. While sitting around the table having a good time, the Master Of The Thumb can, at any time s/he chooses, non-chalantly place their thumb on the edge of the table. After the Thumb Master has started this, anyone who notices must follow example. The last person to place their thumb on the table loses and has to drink. If anyone places their thumb on the table without the real Master Of The Thumb starting it, they have to drink.

 Thumb Master Free-For-All (Variation A)

Some play that anyone can start a game of thumb master at any time. As with the original version, it is usually played in conjunction with another Drinking Game.

Loser's Start (Variation B)

The loser of the Game becomes Thumb Master, but they do become the new Master Of The Thumb.

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