Racetrack Quarters

Similar to...

Slap Cup, Goucho Pong


Table, quarters, 2 Glasses or Cups facing opposite each other, Booze

Intoxication Level



Players gatheraround the table in a circle, 2 players on oposite sides of the table have the cups.


The Starting two players try to make their quarter in to their cup.

If they make it on the first shot, they may pass the cup to anyone besides the other shooter(It is good practice to give it to the player to the right of the other shooting player).

If they make it on any other shot besides the first, they pass the cup left.

When one cup catches up to the other, it is stacked on top of the other cup. The player who is stuck with both cups has one last shot. The cups are arranged one face down and one face up on top. If the player makes this shot, he does NOT have to drink, and everyone else must.

The Game is then restarted with two other players across the table from each other.

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