Slap Cup

Also Known as...

Slap-a-ho, Boom, Rage Cage


4 Cups (one cup per player), Booze

Intoxication Level



15 to 20 cups are placed in the center of the table, all with a small amount of beer except for one full cup. 2 Players, on oposite sides of the table each have any empty cup and a ping pong ball.


The Players must bounce the ball off the table into their cup. If the player gets it in on the first bounce, they may pass their cup to any other player, who then has to bounce it in. Second try or later, they player may only pass to the left. If a player makes it in before the person directly to their left does, they may SLAP the cup off the table. The player who had their cup slapped away must grab one of the cups from the center, drink the beer, and then keep trying to bounce the ball in.

Players may stategically cup by passing it to the person right next to them (if made it in first try). Last person who gets their cup slapped off the table chugs the full cup (if it is the only cup remaining.

Gaucho Pong a.k.a. No Beef Social ( Variation A) 

Instead of slapping the cup, players may stack the cup they finish into the next person's empty, forcing them to pass the stack to the left and grab a new cup of beer.

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