Flip Pong

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Cocaine, Flip Cup, Beer Pong, Vietnam, Civil War



Table, 24 Cups, Ping Pong Balls, Booze.

Intoxication Level

60 proof (Medium to High)


Flip Pong is a combination of "Beer pong" and "Flip cup". It is essentially a game of "Beer pong" but cups are not pulled unless your team also wins a game of "Flip Cup".  Teams are  equal players on each side of a table like "Flip cup" except on player from each team starts as the "shooter" and begins on the table edges like "Beer Pong". A rack of six cups (beer pong style) is placed on both ends of a table and each player must have a full beer on the edge of table like "Flip cup".


For a detailed description of "Flip Cup" and "Beer Pong", please visit the respective dedicated pages. Player one from the first team shoots at the the oposing teams rack of cups, Then the player of the second team, shoots at the first teams cups.  If neither player makes a shot, they take the place of the last player in their teams line of flip cup and every player moves up, the first player in the flip cup line becomes the shooter.  
If one or both players made a cup, then flip cup begins (Shooters do not participate in flip cup).  Both teams obviously start at the same time. If both players made the a cup when shooting only the losers of "Flip Cup" have the cup removed from the rack.
If only one player made a cup in when shooting, The teams play "Flip cup" to determine if the cup gets pulled. If the shot-makers team wins the cup gets pulled, If the shot-makers team loses, no cups get pulled.  
A team loses when all their cups have been pulled.

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