Beer Pong

Also Known as...

Beruit (see Note & Variation A), Libya (See Note), Flagship (See Variation I & Ib), Beer Quarters, Cap Pong (see Variation Ab), Honeycomb (See Variation V)

Similar to...

Libya, Flip Pong


Beer Pong originally referred to Beer Pong with Paddles, now more commonly means without paddles).
While Beer Pong originally was with paddles, Beruit referred to Beer Pong without Paddles, Many use the term Beruit to mean Beer pong (without paddles) with quarters substituted for ping pong balls. Others use the term Beruit to mean Beer Pong that does not require a bounce before making a cup (regardless of whether played with Ping pong balls, quarters, or caps). Some call the basic game of beer pong (without paddles) Libya,while they call Beruit the same game but empty cups stay in play (See Beer Pong (Version J) Empty cups in Play).  Libya is most often the name for a similar game but the cups are re-organized into new shapes after every cup made as described
HERE.  The difference has muddled enough to this day that Beer Pong, Beruit, and Libya can be used interchangably and the rules should be ironed out in advance.

4+ (2 on 2)


Table, Booze (Usually inexpensive pale lager or light beer of 3.2–5% ABV in Keggs and distributed by pitchers), Ping Pong Balls (Usually 38 mm/1.5 in or 40 mm/1.6 in table tennis balls), 22 Cups (Usually 16-US-fluid-ounce/470 ml disposable plastic cups - like Solo cups - with ridge-lines to measure the amount of beer to be poured into the cup.).

Intoxication Level



Each team begins the game standing at either end of the table behind their rack of cups. Although the game is usually played on either a ping pong table, a folding banquet table, or a dining table. Players may create a personalized table for use by friends and visitors usually with sports, school, or fraternity logos with a liquid-proof coating.  There are also portable or inflatable tables for sale in the shop. 

On both ends of the table teams assemble equilateral triangles, with the point facing the center of the table and the base of the triangle near the edge of the table. The triangles are usually 10 cups but 6, or more than 10 may be used as long as a triangle is created. Each team usually has a side cup of water as well, used to rinse off the ball.
According to the The World Series of Beer Pong (WSOBP) a regulation size table is 8'x2'x27.5"  


Each takes turns shooting at the rack of cups. If a cup is made, it is removed and the oposing team must drink it. The next player on the team shoots next, then the oposing team.  This continues untill the last cup is removed. The losing team must then drink the winning team's remaining cups.

The game of beer pong has been played with countless variations. The World Series of Beer Pong has compiled their "official" rules but Players are usually required to abide by "house rules" which vary from university to university, state to state, and house to house.  Number of cups, bouncing, amount of alcohol, the distance from cups all vary. All house rules must be either posted or verbally stated and understood by both teams before the game starts. Default should be The World Series of Beer Pong rules.

Players must immediately drink any cup that has been hit. Failure to do so incurs a penalty, such as drinking more beer or losing the game.

(Variation A) Beruit

In place of ping pong balls, some players prefer quarters but this must be used by all players and be pre-determined.

(Variation Ab) Cap Pong

In place of ping pong balls, some players prefer beer caps but this must be used by all players in a gam

(Variation B) Bouncing

Some House rules state that the ball must be bounced into the cups (Common on shorter tables).  Some house rules state that bouncing is not allowed, it is required in others.

(Variation C) Missed Table

Some House rules include that is a player misses the table a cup of the shooter's choice is removed from his own rack and must be drank by the shooter himself as penalty

(Variation Bb) Bouncing Bonus

Some house rules allow bouncing as optional, If completed, it counts as two or more cups, However the oposing team can swat the ball away after a bounce.

(Variation D) Re-Racking

Some rule sets allow for "re-racking" (also known as "reforming", "rearranging", "consolidation", and other names), which is a rearrangement of a team's remaining cups after some have been removed into as close to a triangle as possible. Usually this is only done by request of the shooting team.  For example, If Paddy has three cups remaining, he may  ask the other team to "re-rack" the cups into a single triangle formation.  Some rules allow one "re-rack" per game, others two, and some after every cup made.

(Variation E) Swatting

Some rules allow swatting the ball away if it bounces OFF A CUP in order to stop it from bouncing into another.

(Variation F) Blow

Some house rules allow players to flick or blow the ball out of the cup if the ball spins around the inner rim.  Some allow this only for female players

(Variation G) RollBack

Some House rules state that if a team makes both shots in a round, each player may shoot again (rollback). In World Series of Beer Pong rules one "rollback" is allowed and only one player may shoot (3 cups max per round).

(Variation H) Equivelent Drinks

Some Players use water in the cups instead of beer, and keep beer on the side. Players drink the equivelent in beer. This assures they will not drink any dirt or bacteria from the ball and the beer will be cold.

(Variation I) "Flagship"

Some house rules require that the first cup (at the apex of the triangle) is filled completely.

(Variation Ib) Replacing "Flagship"

Some house rules state that when the "flagship" cup is hit, it is removed but another cup is rotated from another part of the triangle to the apex and topped off.  It will force the oposing team to drink more if the shooting team can consistantly make the "flagship" cup.

(Variation J) Empty cups in Play

When the shooting team makes a cup it is drank by the oposing team but not removed, It is placed back in the original position of the pyramid. If the shooting team makes an empty cup they must take a penalty drink from a beer not on the table (A personal cup). 

(Variation L) Liquor Bomb

Sometimes under house rules, there might be cups of other liquors used during the game.

(Variation N) N/A Pong or Water Pong

In this variation The game may be played without beer, usually on a campus where alcohol is not allowed, root beer, ginger ale, or water, is used instead. Water pong is actually more dangerous then water pong due to water intoxication.

(Variation R) Rebuttle or Redemption

If the opposing team makes the last cup, the other loses unless they can make either all remaining cups or simply one cup, depending on "house rules".  If the losing team can hit the rebuttle shots, then the game goes into overtime, where 3 cups are used in the rack, instead of the normal 6 or 10.

(Variation Rb) Re-rack or Re-buttle

Some play if a team does not use it's "re-rack" option, then the opposing team is not allowed a "rebuttle", and the game is then over immediately after the winning cup is sunk. This rule encourages players to hold off on "re-racking" until absolutely necessary, or not at all, adding some strategy to the game.

(Variation Rt) Rebuttle Safety

Many play that During rebuttle the miss table rule does not apply.

(Variation S) Kill Cups

In this Variation Cups that were accidentally left in the rack after being made or cups that have been pulled aside but not yet drank are known as "kill cups" or "death cups", these cups will immediately end the game if made again.

(Variation T) Team shot

Some house rules allow players to shoot at the same time in hopes of making it in the same cup. This ends the game.

(Variation Tb) Team Shot Mitagation

Some house rules allow 3 cups instead of ending the game.

(Varitation U) Shutout

A "shutout" or "stink bomb" rule is a house rule usually stated prior to the game. If a shutout occurs, the losing team must do whatever the two teams decided on, such as going streaking or drinking a large quantity of beer.

(Variation V) "Ring of fire Pong" or "Honeycomb"

Some house rules allow that when the middle cup, front cup, and the back corner cups are hit and then the middle cup, the game is over, all other cups are removed.

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