Also Known as...

Super Quarters,  Pong Chandeliers, Flip Chandeliers, Platinum Cup

Similar to...

Quarters, Speed Quarters


1 Large Cup, 1 Smaller Cup per Player, Table, Quarter, Booze 
Intoxication Level

80 proof (High)


A large cup is placed in the middle, with a shot liquor in it. The other cups are assigned one per player and placed at regular intervals around the center cup (like a flower and pedals). The assigned cups are partially filled with beer (usually half-way).


Player may not touch their cups unless there is a quarter in their assigned cup or the middle cup. The starting player attempts to bounce a quarter into any cup. If the shooting player misses, the next player shoots. If the starting player makes a cup, the owner of the cup must drink their cup and another player must refill the cup for them.

If the player makes  the quarter in the middle cup, all players must drink their entire drink. The last Player to finish their beer and put their cup down also drinks the shot in the middle cup then the shooting player shoots again (this is the only time a player will shoot more than once, unless playing Shooter Runs variation).  If a player touches their cup prior to the quarter going in the middle cup, it is a violation and they automaticly must finish their drink and the shot in the middle. Play continues till last player standing.

Shooter Runs (Variation A)

Some play that Players continue to shoot until they miss

Pick yer Poison (Variation B)

Some allow players to pour the amount of beer they desire in their own cup.

Pong Chandaliers (Variation C)

Some play with a ping pong ball (this is usually for larger tables).

Flip Chandaliers (Variation D)

Some play that after the middle cup is made, players drink their cups then place it top down off the edge of table and flip it upright (like in flip cup), the last person to flip the cup has to drink the middle cup.

Rulemaster (Variation E)

Some play (in combination with the Shooter Runs variation) that if a player make 3 cups in a row, they may create a rule. Usually, rules are subject to table veto.

Missing Persons (Variation F)

Some play that if 3 Players in a row do not make a cup, they must drink their entire cups. Others play that if 3 in a row do not make a cup, all players must drink their entire cups.

Platinum Cup (Variation H)

Some play with a second middle cup called the "Platinum Cup" or the "Platty". If a player makes the Platinum Cup they must do an action determined prior to the game (usually take of an item of clothing or do something embarassing).

Earn It (Variation I)

Some Play that if a player must leave the table for any reason, their cup must be empy or they must finish it before leaving.

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