Speed Quarters

Also Known as...

Racing Quarters



Shallow glass (2 for Double Glass Variation), 2+ quarters, Booze

Intoxication Level

Low to Medium


All Players Gather around a table with a Shallow Glass in the center.  Two players opposite each other in the circle each have a quarter. Gameplay

The two players begin at the same time and race to bounce their quarters into the same glass. When a player makes the quarter, the retreive it and pass it to the person to the left.Then this person must bounce the quarter in. Play continues until a person is passed a quarter when they already have one. This person then must drink.

Double Glass (Variation A)

Some play with two glasses, in which case the quarter and glass are passed after a quarter is made. This eliminates interference while retrieving the quarter.

Super-Speed Quarters (Variation B)

Some play a very similar game sometimes referred to as Chandaliers (although Chandaliers unually refers to a completely different game). Players start with one glass or cup for every two Players (glasses two people apart). Every Player begins with a quarter.  A large glass or cup of beer is placed in the center.

If a player makes their quarter in the glass in front of them on the first try, they may send the glass to anyone who does not already have a glass. If a Player makes their glass after the first try, the glass is moved to the person on the left. If at any time a player ends up with two glasses, they must drink from the cup in the center. If a player makes their quarter someone else's glass, the owner of the glass must drink from the cup in the center. If a player misses they must recover their quarter, making an attempt at another players cup a risk (it may go off the table). Play continues until the cup in the center is empty.

Personal Cups (Variation C)

Some play the Super-Speed Quarters variation with additional personal cups for players to drink from rather than use one center cup. The personal cups are filled before each start. When the first player runs out of beer the game is over.

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