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Sentences, Word Association, Questions, Bust a Rhyme



Intoxication Level

30 proof (Low to Medium)


Players gather in a circle with booze.


The starting player begins by picking a category (i.e. Beer Companies), then naming a member of the category (i.e. New Belgium). The next Player must also name a member of the category (i.e. Dogfish Head). The first person to repeat an answer, give an answer that is deemed "not a member of the Category", or takes too long to answer,  must take a drink (they generally have a 5 second time limit). The player at fault takes a drink and restart with a new word. 

It is good practice for Players to keep backup members of the category ready. 

Sample categories: U.S. States, Countries in Europe, Makes of Cars, Brands of Beer, Celebrities from Canada, Sexual Positions, Brands of Cigarettes, Animals that begin with "P", Colors, Bands that begin with "R", 80's songs.

When played as part of another game (like Kings), only one round is generally played.

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