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Team Caps

4+ (4-8 Preferred)


1 Cup plus one extra cup per player, Booze, several Caps

Intoxication Level



Players gather in a circle with cups filled two fingers high of Booze a bottle cap. A cup is placed in the middle of the ring, Each Player has one cup placed a couple feet in front of them, toward (and within a foot of) the middle cup.


The starting player begins by attempting to throw their bottle cap into another player's cup. If the starting player makes a cup, the oponent (who's cup was made) must make their bottle cap into the starting player's cup. If the oponent is successful in hitting the starting player's cup in return, the Starting player must hit the oponent's cup agian. If anyone misses, they must drink, refill, and play begins with the next player in the circle. If a Player makes the middle cup, they must drink the middle cup and all players must drink their cups. All are refilled, and play begins with the next player in the circle.

Two Caps (Variation A)

Some play that each player has two bottle caps and have two chances to make a cup per turn.  If a cup is made with the first, generally the second is not thrown.

Short Shots (Variation B)

Some play that throws may only be made with a maximum elbow angle of 90 degrees.


Also see Team Caps.

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