Team Caps

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4+ players (even teams)


1 Cup plus one extra cup per player, Booze, several Caps

Intoxication Level



Players Split into 2 teams and Sit in a line about 10 feet (can be varied) away from each other about 10 feet away from the other team and facing the other team. A cup or glass is placed half way (5 feet) between each teamate.

X                 Y

o                 o

X                 Y



Players take turns shooting regardless of makes or misses. After the starting player shoots, an oposing player must shoot, then the starting player's teamate, then a different oposing player.  All players must shoot once before play returns to the Starting Player. 

The starting player must try to throw a cap into the other team's glass (the glass between the oposing players). If the starting player misses, they must drink and it is an oposing players turn. Once any team makes it, the oposing team must also make it or a point is scored for the last team to make a cup.  If the oposing team makes the cup, play continues until a player misses, that player must drink and a point is scored for the last team to make a cup.

If a player shoots out of turn, they have to drink and their throw is not counted. First team to 21 wins (or any number chosen before play).

Cup Saver (Variation A)

Some use the target glasses as the glasses they must drink from. The glasses are filled part-way (1/3 or 1/2 usually) and the glasses are re-filled after every drink.


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