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Beer Pong, Beruit, Quarters, Chandaliers

2 +


2 Quarters, 8+ Cups


Two rows of 4 cups (or more), about 6 inches on both sides of the center of the table..


The object is for Team A to "sink" Team B's "battleship" (make all the Team B's cups) before their ship is sunk by the Team B (Team B makes all Team A's cups) . Teams alternate taking shots at the other teams cups, attempting to BOUNCE the quarter over their own ship and into one of their opponents cups. If they make it, the other team drinks and removes the cup. If they make their own cup or fail to clear their battleship with their bounce, they must drunk and refill the cup. The key is that the quarter must bounce before your own cups, over them, and into the oponents.  The loser must drink any unsunken remains of their opponents ship 

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