Scots Irish

It was General George Washington, who said: “If defeated everywhere
else, I will make my stand for liberty, among the Scots-Irish in my native

President William McKinley said: “The Scots-Irish were the first to proclaim
for freedom in these United States; even before Lexington
Scots-Irish blood had been shed for American freedom. In the forefront of
every battle was seen their burnished mail and in the retreat was heard their
voice of constancy”

Confederacy leader General Robert E. Lee was once
asked: “What race of people do you believe makes the
best soldiers?” He replied: “The Scots who came to this country by way
of Ireland”.

President Theodore Roosevelt said: “it is doubtful if we fully realized the
part played by this stern and virile people. They formed the kernel of that
American stock who were the pioneers of our People in the march
westwards. They were bold and hardy people who pushed beyond the
settled regions of America and plunged into the wilderness as the leaders of
the white advance. The Presbyterians were the first and last set of immigrants
to do this: all others have merely followed in the wake of their predecessors”.

“The beauty about a Scotch-Irishman is that he not only think he is right,
but he knows he is right”. – PRESIDENT WOODROW WILSON, whose
grandfather James Wilson emigrated from Strabane, County Tyrone, in

“We have good reason to be proud of the early pioneers, from Ireland and
Germany, others of English, Welsh and Scotch descent.. They laid the foundations
of their homes, they were men and women who suffered from conscience
sake, or fled from despotism to seek liberty and happiness unrestrained
by the shackles of a worn-out civilization”. – American historian,