By Date

August 1 
Colorado Bulldog

1 Part Vodka
1 Part Kahlua
1 Part Cream
Fill With Cola
- Admission Day - Colorado 1876

August 2

1 1/2oz Malibu Rum,
5oz Pineapple Juice
2 dashes of Angostura Bitters.
After work Cocktail

August 3
Purple Hooter

1 Part Vodka
1 Part Raspberry Liquer
1 Part Pineapple Juice
Combine ingredients in a Cocktail Shaker With ice and Strain into a rocks Glass.

August 4
Blue Lagoon 2

25ml Vodka
25ml Blue Curacao
175ml White wine
add all ingredients into a highball Glass With ice Garnish With Cherry

August 5

1/3 shot Kahlua
1/3 shot Bailey's Irish Cream
1/3 shot Vodka
1/3 shot tia maria
Stir over ice & Strain into pony or chilled Cocktail Glass

Hiroshima was bombed on August 6th

August 6
Old Jamaican

Appleton Reserve Rum
lime Juice
simple syrup
Abbot's Bitters
sparkling wine
Gently muddle mint. Shake first five ingredients and fine-Strain into a Cocktail Glass. top With sparkling wine and Garnish With a mint leaf.

Happy Independence Day, Jamaica!

August 7
Pineapple Express

Pueblo Viejo silver Tequila
Punt e Mes
fresno chili
lime Juice

Muddle Pineapple and chili. Shake and Strain into a bucket. Garnish With a Pineapple leaf.

Pineapple Express Film released August 6, 2008

August 8
Blue Lagoon

1 shot Glass Vodka
1 shot Glass Blue Curacao
4 shots lemonade

Fill a highballlass With ice. add the ingredients in order from Vodka to the lemonade. Garnish With a Cherry & a slice of lemon/lime.

August 9
After Eight
1 Part Creme de Cacao White
1 Part Creme de Menthe
1 Part Bailey's Irish Cream
All ingredients are layered in a Shot Glass. White cacao in first then Creme de Menthe then Baileys.

August 10
1/2 shot sambuca
1/2 shot Vodka
Dash Tabasco Sauce
Layer Tabasco Sauce on top of the sambuca. Lthe Vodka on top last.
- In celebration of the Release date of Flatliners movie on August 10th, 1990

August 11
Anita Bryant
1 Part Vodka
2 Parts Apple Juice
Mix in a highball Glass With ice. Garnish and serve.

August 12
Long Island Iced Tea
1 Part Vodka
1 Part Rum
1 Part Gin
1 Part Triple Sec
Fill With Sweet and Sour Mix
Splash of Cola

Garnish With a Lemon Wedge. Fill collins Glass With 3/4 full With ice. add Vodka, Rum, Triple Sec, Gin and Sweet and sour into a Cocktail tin. Shake and pour into Glass. add cola.
August 13
Surfer on Acid
1 Part JAagermwister
2 Part Malibu Rum
2 Part Pineapple Juice

August 14 

1 Part Vanilla Vodka
1 Part Triple Sec
1 Part ORrrange Juice
1 Part Simple Syrup
1 Part Cream
Roll in Mixing Cups to blend
- Celebrating National Creamsicle Day August 14th

August 15
Alabama Slammer 3
1 shot southern comfort
1 shot Amaretto
1/2 shot sloe Gin
splash lemon Juice
Stir all except lemon Juice together With ice and pour into highball Glass over ice.
- Anniversary of the Alabama Territory Act Effective August 15th, 1817

August 16
Pina Colada
1 1/4 shot White Rum
coconut Cream
Pineapple Juice
Mix with ice and serve in a large Glass With a chunk of Pineapple on the rim, a Cherry, a Cocktail umbrella and two straws. Ratio varies greatly
- The Piña Colada was introduced on August 16, 1954 at the Caribe Hilton’s Beachcomber Bar in San Juan, Puerto Rico

- Variation -
Pina Colada 2 (With mix)
1 Part Rum
Fill With Pina Colada Mix
Blend. Garnish With a Cherry.
- Fresh made Pina Colada mix is coconut milk and Pineapple Juice

August 17
Perfect Rob Roy
2 Part Scotch
1 Part Sweet Vermouth
1 Part Dry Vermouth
Twist of Lemon
Combine ingredients together in a Cocktail Shaker With ice and Strain into a Cocktail Glass.

August 18
Cheeky V(imto)
1 bottle WKD Blue
1 Shot port
Pour 1 shot of Port into a pint Glass With ice, top up With 1 bottle of Blue WKD.

- Variation -
Extra Cheeky Vimto

Replaces the Port shot With neat Vodka.

August 19

Orange Curacao
Blood Orange Juice
lime Juice
Muddle the Ginger and Pineapple. Combine ingredients and Shake. Strain into a bucket and Float Rum. Garnish With a blood Orange wheel and a sprig of mint.

August 20
Sloe Screw

1 Part Sloe Gin
Fill With Orange Juice

August 21 

Blue Hawaiian

1 Part Rum
1 Part Blue Curacao
1 Part Sweet and Sour Mix
Fill With Pineapple Juice
- In celebration of Admission Day - Hawaii (August 21st, 1959)

August 22
The Resolution

Silver Tequila
Pear puree
Lemon Juice
Citrus Syrup
Cremant Sparkling Rose
Shake everything but the Cremant, then Strain into a bucket. top With Cremant and Garnish With a lime wheel.

August 23

4 Ounces of White Wine
Fill With Club Soda

August 24
Dirty F**k

2/3 Shot Part absinthe
1/3 Shot  Part Bailey's Irish Cream
Pour Absinthe into shot Glass, add of Baileys irish Cream pouring onto side of Glass in order to make Baileys sink to the bottom of Glass creating slightly cloudy look.

August 25
Zombie (2)

1/4 shot Peach Schnapps
1/4 shot White Rum
3 count Orange Juice
3 count Pineapple Juice
Drizzle around the edge of Glass Grenadine
Drizzle around edge of Glass Blue Curacao
1/4 shot Dark Rum
Layer into a Collins Glass 3/4 full of ice.

August 26
Lynchburg Lemonade

1 Part Tenesee Whiskey
1/2 Part Triple Sec
Splash of Sweet and Sour Juice
Fill With 7up.

August 27
Sloe Comfortable Screw up Against the Wall

1 Part Vodka
1 Part Southern Comfort
1 Part Sloe Gin
Fill With Orange Juice
Float Galliano

August 28

Dash lime cordial
1/2 Shot Bailey's Irish Cream
1/2 Shot Vodka
Mix Vodka and Dash of lime in a shot Glass. Top With Baileys. The ingredients will swirl round in the Glass but stay seperate. Like a Slippery Nipple exept the Baileys is not Floated.

August 29
The Last Word

1 Part Gin
1 Part lime Juice
1 Part Green Chartreuse
1 Part Maraschino Liqueur
Shake With ice and Strain into a Cocktail Glass.

August 30
Vodka Sunrise

3 Parts Vodka
6 Parts Orange Juice
1 Part Grenadine syrup
Pour the Tequila and Orange Juice into a Glass over ice. add Grenadine, allow to sink to the bottom. Do not stir. Garnish and serve.

August 31
Singapore Sling

1 Part Gin
2 Part Sweet and Sour Mix
Fill With Soda
Float of Cherry Brandy
- In Celebration of Independence Day - Singapore, August 31st, 1963.

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