HOLY WEDNESDAY      Holy Wednesday is a Christian Holiday,   It is the Wednesday of Holy Week,   the week before Easter.     It is also referred to as Spy Wednesday (referring to the betrayal of Jesus by Judas for 30 silver coins) and Holy and Great Wednesday (Eastern and Oriental Orthodox Churches).     It proceeds Maundy Thursday (or Holy Thursday).     The Day observes the betrayal of Jesus by Judas,   the anointing of Jesus by the sinful woman before his Crucifixion,   and some believe Wednesday was the actual day Jesus was crucified (and was dead for 3 days).         HOLY WEDNESDAY CELEBRATIONS        In the Czech Republic,   Holy Wednesday is traditionally called Ugly Wednesday,   Soot-Sweeping Wednesday,   or Black Wednesday,   because chimneys were cleaned on this day in preparation for Easter.     In Malta,   Holy Wednesday is known as L-Erbgħa tat-Tnieber (Drums' Wednesday).     In Sweden, Norway, and Finland,   Holy Wednesday is known as Dymmelonsdagen.     A dymbil is a piece of wood that replaced the church bells on Holy Wednesday,   to make a duller sound.