HOLY SATURDAY      Holy Saturday is the day after Good Friday,   the last day of Holy Week,   the last day of Lent,   and the day before Easter Sunday.     It a christian holiday observing the day that Jesus Christ's body laid in the tomb.     Holy Saturday is also known as Easter Eve,   Easter Even,   Black Saturday,   Holy and Great Saturday,   Joyous Saturday,   The Great Sabbath,   and sometimes incorrectly as Easter Saturday (which is actually 1 week later).     Chritian Litergy dictates that Holy Saturday only lasts until 6pm or dusk,   at which point the Easter Vigil is celebrated,   marking the official end to Holy week and the official start of the Easter season.         HOLY SATURDAY OBSERVATIONS AND CELEBRATIONS        In Bulgaria,   Holy Saturday is called Velika Subota (Great Saturday).       In Check Republic, Holy Saturday is called White Saturday.       In Poland,   Holy Saturday is observed with Święconka or "the blessing of the Easter baskets".       In Slovakia,   Holy Saturday is called White Saturday.       In the Coptic Church, Ethiopian Church and Eritrean Orthodox Church,   this day is known as Joyous Saturday,   and celebrates the day Jesus raised those who were trapped in Hades up to Heaven.       In the Eastern Orthodoxy Church,   Holy Saturday is known as as Holy and Great Saturday or The Great Sabbath,   this was the day Jesus "rested".