CELEBRATIONS ON MARCH 17th      St. Patrick's Day (Multinational)     ..     National Day (Ireland) ..         National Day (Montserrat) ..         World Maritime Day (Worldwide) ..         Kustonu Diena (Ancient Latvia) ..         Evacuation Day (Boston MA : 1776) (Suffolk County, Massachusetts) ..         National Muay Thai Day ..         St. Patrick's Day Parade (Buffalo, NY, USA),   Starts the Sunday Closest to St. Patrick's Day (2014) ..         Saint Patrick's Day Festivities (London, England),   Begins the Weekend closest to St. Patricks Day (2014) ..         St. Patrick's Day celebrations (Dublin, Ireland),   5 Days around St. Patrick's Day (2014) ..         Liberalia,   in honor of Liber Pater.     Considered by some to be part of Agonalia (Ancient Rome) ..         The second day of the Bacchanalia (Ancient Rome) ..         Submarine Day ..         Campfire Girls Day ..         Memorial of St Patrick,   bishop,   missionary to Ireland (Roman Catholic, Anglican : optional) ..         Evacuation Day ..         Fiesta de las Fallas,   The commemoration of Saint Joseph (Spain) ..         Christian Feast Day of Alexius of Rome (Eastern Church) ..         Christian Feast Day of Gertrude of Nivelles ..         Christian Feast Day of Joseph of Arimathea (Western Church) ..         Christian Feast Day of Patrick ..         Commemoration of St Gertrude of Nivelles & Joseph of Arimathea (christian) ..         Calle Ocho (Miami) (3-4) ..         South by Southwest Music Festival (SXSW),   March 17 - 21 (Austin, Texas, USA) ..                      CELEBRATIONS THIS WEEK      St. Patrick's Week,   Third Week in March ..     Inhalants and Poisons Awareness Week,   Third Week in March .. Turkey Vultures Return to the Living Sign,   March 11th to March 17th..         Consider Christianity Week,   Week Starting Second Sunday Before Easter ..         Campfire USA Birthday Week,   Third Full Week in March ..         Health Information Professionals Week,   Third Full Week in March ..         National Animal Poison Prevention Week,   Third Full Week in March ..         National Inhalant and Poisons Awareness Week,   Third Full Week in March ..         Root Canal Awareness Week,   Third Full Week in March..         Health Information Professionals (HIP) Week   (ahima.org),   Formerly Health Information & Technology Week,   Third Full Week in March ..         American Chocolate Week,   Third Full Week in March ..         Passiontide,   Last Two Weeks of Lent ..                      PADDY's JOKE OF THE DAY   ..     One day an Englishman, a Scotsman, and an Irishman walked into a pub together.       They each proceeded to buy a pint of Guinness.       Just as they were about to enjoy their creamy beverage, a fly landed in each of their pints and became stuck in the thick head.       The Englishman pushed his beer from him in disgust.       The Scotsman fished the offending fly out of his beer and continued drinking it as if nothing had happened.       The Irishman picked the fly out of his drink, held it out over the beer and yelled "SPIT IT OUT!! SPIT IT OUT YOU BASTARD!!!!"              LILLY's DRINK OF THE DAY   ..   EVERYBODY's IRISH ..     1 1/2 oz. Irish Whisky,     1/2 oz. Green Chartreuse,     1/2 oz. Green creme de menthe,     Add the whisky, chartreuse and creme de menthe and bitters in a shaker filled with ice and stir. Strain into a chilled cocktail glass and garnish with the green maraschino cherry.              SCOTTY's TOASTS OF THE DAY  ..   - 1 -   "The anniversary of St. Patrick's day,   and may the Shamrock be green forever."     - Traditional Irish         - 2 -   "Saint Patrick was a gentleman,     Who through strategy and stealth,     Drove all the snakes from Ireland,     Here’s a toasting to his health.     But not too many toastings     Lest you lose yourself and then     Forget the good Saint Patrick     And see all those snakes again.     'Beannachtam na Feile Padraig!'     Happy St. Patrick's Day!"     - Traditional Irish
     SAINT PATRICK's DAY          St. Patrick's Day is a public holiday in Ireland,   Montserrat,  the Canadian Province of Newfoundland and Labrador,   and Suffolk County, Massachusetts.       It is widely celebrated elsewhere in North America   and worldwide as a Christian,   Celtic,   and/or Irish culture holiday   depending on who is celebrating it.       It is observed on March 17th, the Feast day of St. Patrick which is the anniversary of his death.       This has been observed as a religious holiday for over a thousand years by the Irish.       Traditionally,   Irish families would go to church in the morning   and celebrate in the afternoon.       St. Patrick's Day is during the season of Lent,   however prohibitions against the consumption of meat were waived   and people would dance,   drink   and feast on traditional meals such as Irish bacon and cabbage.             Saint Patrick is the patron saint   and national apostle of Ireland.         St Patrick is credited with bringing christianity to Ireland.       Most of what is known about him comes from his two works,   the Confessio,   a spiritual autobiography,   and Epistola,   a denunciation of British mistreatment of Irish christians.       Saint Patrick described himself as a "most humble-minded man,   continually giving thanks to his Maker   for having chosen him as the instrument whereby multitudes who had worshipped idols and unclean things   had become the people of God."       Both the Church of England   and the Roman Catholic Church observe the feast day of Saint Patrick.             St. Patrick's Day has evolved into a celebration of Irish and Celtic culture.       The Celts had an oral culture,   in which their religion,   folklore,   history,   and experience were passed from one generation to the next   through story and song.       After being conquered and forbidden to speak their own language by the English,   the Irish turned to music and art   to help them remember important events   and pass on to their heritage and history.             St. Patrick's Day is celebrated with Parades;   Song;   Dance;   Irish Food   (Irish Soda,   Corned Beef or Irish Bacon and Cabbage);   Displaying Shamrock's,   Leprechans,   and Celtic Art;   and Drinking Ale and Liquor   (especially Irish Whiskey).             The first St. Patrick's Day parade took place in the United States on March 17th, 1762,   when Irish soldiers serving in the English military marched through New York City.             Emblems associated with St. Patricks day are the same that represent Ireland itself.       The harp is the symbol of Ireland.     Green is the color most associated with Ireland (the Emerald Isle).             Irish soda bread is made from the use of baking soda rather than yeast as a leavening agent,   giving it a special flavor and consistency.       Although cabbage is traditional Irish food,   corned beef became associated with St. Patrick's Day as recent as the beginning of the 20th century.       Poor Irish immigrants in New York City's Lower East Side substituted corned beef for Irish bacon to save money.             The shamrock, or "seamroy",   as known by the Celts,   is sacred plant in ancient Ireland.         It symbolizes the rebirth of spring.       As the English began to seize Irish land   and ban the Irish language   and the practice of Catholicism,   many Irish wore the shamrock as a symbol of their National pride   and displeasure with English rule.       According Irish legend,   the first leaf of the clover is for hope,   the second for faith,   the third for love,   and (if you find one) the fourth for luck.             Leprechans likely originated from the Irish word "leipreachan,"   which means "a kind of aqueous sprite".         Leprechauns had nothing to do with St. Patrick's Day   until Disney released a film called Darby O'Gill & the Little People in 1959.       The leprecans were happy and friendly compared to the leprechauns in Irish folklore.       Despite being a Disney invention   it evolved into a symbol of St. Patrick's Day and Irish Culture.               Saint Patrick's Day in Ireland        In Ireland,   Saint Patrick's day is a much more faith and family based holiday than the American celebration.       People traditionally wear shamrocks on their coats or hats.       Children wear Irish Flag pins or badges, and women wear green ribbons in their hair.       Up until the 1970s,   Irish laws mandated pubs to be closed on March 17th.       In recent years however,   the college and urban communities have celebrated in a more festive American-style way.       There are parades in Dublin,   Galway,   and Cork   plus other venues.       About 1 million people take part in Ireland 's St. Patrick's Festival in Dublin every year.       It is a 4 or 5 day celebration featuring parades,   concerts,   outdoor theater productions,   music, exhibitions   and fireworks shows.             The All-Ireland Senior Club Football Championship   and The All-Ireland Senior Club Hurling Championship are both held on Saint Patrick's Day in Croke Park, Dublin.       The Leinster Schools Rugby Senior Cup,   Munster Schools Rugby Senior Cup   and Ulster Schools Senior Cup are all held on Saint Patrick's Day.       The Connacht Schools Rugby Senior Cup is held on the weekend before Saint Patrick's Day.           Saint Patrick's Day in the United States of America         In the United States of America, St. Pattrick's day is not an official holiday except for in Suffolk County, Massachusetts.       Unofficially it is widely recognized and celebrated throughout the country.       It is primarily celebrated as a recognition of Irish   and Irish-American culture.       It is celebrated through prominent displays of the color green,   feasting,   copious consumption of alcohol,   religious observances,   and numerous parades.       Many of the Major American sports teams have alternative green jerseys for St. Patricks Day.             In New York City,   The first every St. Patrick's Day Parade took place.       Irish soldiers who were serving in the English military marched through New York City on March 17th, 1762,   fourteen years before the Declaration of Independence.       This was to re-connect with their roots   and other Irish soldiers.       In 1848,   several New York Irish Aid societies decided to unite their parades to form one large New York City St. Patrick's Day Parade.       Today,   that parade is the world 's oldest civilian parade   and the largest in the United States,   with an estimated 300,000 marchers and three million spectators.       Marchers including bands,   firefighters,   military,   police,   county associations,   emigrant societies,   and social and cultural clubs.       It is always led by the 69th Infantry Regiment (New York).       The Commissioner of the parade always asks the Commanding Officer of the 69th if he is ready,   to which the response is,   "The 69th is always ready."             In 1845,   nearly a million poor,   uneducated Irish Catholics began pouring into America to escape starvation When the Great Potato Famine hit Ireland.       They faced ridicule,   stereotypes,   and racial prejudice for their religious beliefs and foreign accents   by the American Protestant majority.       The Irish immigrants had trouble finding any jobs.       Newspapers portrayed the Irish involved in the St. Patrick's Day parade as drunk,   violent animals.       As numbers grew,   the St. Patrick's Day parade became a display of the strength of the Irish American community.       The Irish had grown in numbers   and had started to organize.       Their voting block,   known as the "green machine,"   became an important swing vote for political hopefuls.       Politicians,   like President Truman in 1948,   attended New York City 's St. Patrick's Day parade in support.             Following the terrorist attacks on September 11th,   the 2002 parade was dedicated to the 'Heroes of 9/11',   honoring police,   fire fighters,   rescue workers   and all those lost who lost their lives.       At midday,   the entire parade paused for two minutes,   and all one and a half miles of marchers turned around to face south towards the “Twin Towers”   while Cardinal Egan said a prayer for the victims of 9/11.             To this day,   the St. Patrick's Day Parade remains true to its roots as a traditional marchers’ parade,   not allowing floats,   automobiles,   or commercial aspects.       The parade follows a 1.5 mile route along 5th Avenue,   which takes over five hours.       The parade marches up Fifth Avenue past St. Patrick's Cathedral at 50th Street   all the way up past the Metropolitan Museum of Art and American Irish Historical Society at 83rd Street to 86th Street,   where the parade finishes around 4:30 - 5:00 pm.             The Parade starts at 44th Street at 11 am   and is held every March 17th except when March 17th falls on a Sunday,   in which case it is celebrated the day before,   Saturday the 16th,   because of religious observances.       The Parade and festivities will me moved to March 16th in 2019.       The event also has been moved on the rare occasions when,   due to Easter falling on a very early date,   March 17th would land in Holy Week.             In Chicago, Illinois,   they famously dye the Chicago River green.       The tradition started in 1962,   when city pollution-control workers released 100 pounds of green vegetable dye into the river,   turning it green for a week.       Today,   the river is dyed green for only a few hours.       Thousands of people line the banks of the river and watch as a boat releases dye into the river   and turns the river a green color.       Anyone of Irish heritage residing in the city as a whole are known as the "Chirish,"   a combination "Chicago" and "Irish.".       The South Side Parade is a more traditional alternative Irish celebration.     South side citizens of Irish heritage are known as the "South Side Irish,".       They have historically had a major political influence in the political and economic scene of the city.     The committe announced it would be suspended in 2010 because it had grown too large for the community,   but It returned in 2012.             In Holyoke, Massachusetts,   which is a factory town with a large Irish immigration in the 19th Century,   the second largest Parade in the United States occurs.       It is held on the Sunday after St. Patrick's Day.   It includes 25,000 marchers,   300,000 attendees over a 2.3 mile route.       The parade and award ceremony is a heafty draw for this city of only 40,000.             In Pearl River, New York,   the second largest parade in New York state has been attracting crowds of 100,000 people since 1963.             In Buffalo, New York there are two parades.       The first is the "Buffalo St. Patrick's Day Parade" (since 1943)   on the Sunday closest to St. Patrick's Day.       That parade runs from Niagara Square   down Delaware Avenue   to North Street.       It is the 3rd largest parade in New York State behind the New York City Parade and the Pearl River Parade.       The other is the "Old Neighborhood Parade," (since 1994)   in the city's historic Old First Ward in South Buffalo on the Saturday closest to Saint Patrick's Day.             In Syracuse, New York,   the largest Saint Patrick's Day celebration per-capita in the United States   features the annual Syracuse Saint Patrick's Parade with more than 100,000 visitors to downtown,   as well as 5,000 to 6,000 marchers.       The Saint Patrick's celebrations are traditionally begun with the delivery of green beer to Coleman's Irish Pub on the last Sunday of February.     Coleman's is located in the Tipperary Hill section of the city,   home of the world famous "Green-on-Top" Traffic Light,   historically the Irish section in Syracuse.     At midnight a Shamrock is painted under the Green-Over-Red traffic light.             In Hoboken, New Jersey   an annual St. Patrick's Day parade has been held since 1986.       The parade takes place at 1 pm   and marches down Washington Street from 14th Street to 1st Street.       To cut down on public drunkeness   the city has issued a zero tolerance policy for crime related to drinking.             In Scranton, Pennsylvania,   The Saint Patrick's Day festivities include one of the oldest and most popular parades in the United States.       Since 1862 the Parade has been organized by the St. Patrick's Day Parade Association of Lackawanna County.       The parade route begins on Wyoming Ave,   up to Penn Ave,   and then Lackawanna Ave,   then back down over Jefferson Ave   to Washington Ave.       It is the third largest Saint Patrick's Day Parade in the United States with over 150,000 people attendeding.             In Savannah, Georgia,   the St. Patrick's Day Parade and celebration brings an attendance of around 400,000 to watch the parade travel through Savannah's Historic District.       Every year there is the "dyeing of the fountains"   which happens several days before the parade.       The first St. Patrick's Day procession was held in 1824,   organised by the Hibernian Society,   although there is evidence that the first St. Patrick's Day parade in Savannah was held on March 17th, 1813 by a private group known as the "Fencibles".             In Tallahassee, Florida,   the St. Patrick's Day event in Tallahassee has been hosted by The Tallahassee Irish Society since 1999.       The first annual St. Patrick's Day parade in Tallahassee   and Downtown Get Down began in 2010 along Adams Street.             In Hot Springs, Arkansas,   the parade is claimed to be as the "World's Shortest St. Patrick's Day Parade".     The parade,   which draws thousands of people each year,   takes place on the 98-foot-long Bridge Street,   "The Shortest Street in the World" (according to Ripley’s Believe It or Not c. 1940s),   in downtown Hot Springs.             In Maryville, Missouri,   home of Northwest Missouri State University,   an annual parade sponsored by The Palms Bar and Grill   also claims to be the shortest St. Patrick's Day Parade.       The claim is recognised by the Guinness Book of World Records.   It runs approximately 1/2 of a block.             In Rolla, Missouri,   the Missouri University of Science & Technology (formerly known as University of Missouri-Rolla, and Missouri School of Mines),   an engineering college,   Saint Patrick is celebrated as the patron saint of engineers.     The "Best Ever" St. Patrick's Celebrations start ten days before Saint Patrick's Day on March 7th.       A downtown parade is held the Saturday before Saint Patrick's Day.       A royal court is crowned,   and the streets in the city's downtown area are painted green.       In 2008,   Rolla celebrated its "100th Annual Best Ever St. Patrick's Day 2008" celebration.             In New Orleans, Louisiana   there is the largest port of entry for Irish immigrants in the Southern USA.     New Orleans still maintains a sizeable Irish heritage and population.       Saint Patrick's Day traditions have been observed since since 1809, including a Saint Patrick's Day parade on lower Magazine Street,   The Irish Channel Parade in the Bywater neighbourhood,   multiple parades in the French Quarter,   an Irish-Italian combination Parade celebrating both Saint Patrick's Day and Saint Joseph's Day,   and multiple block parties throughout the city.       The Parades in New Orleans have a Mardi Gras flavor.     Many of the same floats are from Carnival.       Beads,   Trinkets,   Irish stew ingredients   are thrown to those along the parade route.       Surrounding celebrations include parades in Metairie,   Slidell,   and an Irish Italian Isleño Parade in Chalmette.             In Dallas, Texas,   a Run,   parade,   and after party have been held on Lower Greenville Avenue since 1981.       The parade is held the Saturday before St. Patrick's Day with thousands of spectators and partiers lining the streets.       It is the biggest St. Patrick's Day parade and festival in the Southwest.             In Butte, Montana,   the mining history brought a large population of Irish immigrants.       Butte has a long history of running a parade and concerts in the uptown area since 1882.       Attendees come from all over the world to celebrate and double the size of the city.       The city still has an open container policy but has made efforts to curb rowdy behavior.             In Las Vegas, Nevada,   The Southern Nevada (formerly Las Vegas) Sons of Erin   have put on a parade since 1966.       It was once held on Fremont Street in downtown Las Vegas,   and later held on 4th street.       Since 2005,   the parade has been held in downtown Henderson.       It is one of the biggest parades in the state of Nevada.       It also consists of a three day festival,   carnival   and classic car show in Old Town Henderson.             In San Diego, California,   the St. Patrick's Day Parade is known as "the largest Parade west of the Mississippi" by its host organisation,   the Irish Congress of Southern California (ICSC).       The Parade and Festival are one of the largest events in San Diego   with more than 150 entries and an attendence of over 30,000.       The Irish Festival occurs in Balboa Park   on the north side of downtown San Diego.             In San Francisco, California,   there has been a St. Patrick's Day celebration since 1852.       San Francisco has always had a large Irish American population   and for many decades Irish Americans were the largest ethnic group in San Francisco.       However, now the largest ethnic group in San Francisco is Chinese Americans   as most of the Irish Americans have moved to the suburban parts of the San Francisco Bay Area.       On St. Patrick's Day,   the Irish from all over the San Francisco Bay Area come into San Francisco   to march in or to see the parade march down Market Street.       People from all ethnic groups wear green   and become Irish for a day.       In San Francisco,   the parade is always held on the Sunday before March 17th.             In Seattle, Washington,   the Festál Irish is a week long celebration organised by the city's Irish Heritage Club starting March 10th   culminating with the Seattle Washington's Saint Patrick's Day Parade.       Seattle's Saint Patrick's Day Celebration is the largest   and oldest in the Northwestern United States   with 20,000 spectators and groups,   and many visiting clebraties.       The celebration includes the annual Society of the Friends of St. Patrick Dinner   with the passing of the Irish Shillelagh,   an Irish Soda Bread Baking Contest,   a Mass for Peace,   step dancing,   food,   historical and modern exhibitions,   Irish lessons,   and the annual "Laying 'O the Green"   where Irish revellers mark the path of the next morning's procession   with a mile-long green stripe,   Finally the parade travels a 1-mile route through the city's downtown financial and retail core   on the Saturday before Saint Patrick's Day.       There is also another Saint Patrick's Day Parade in Spokane, Washington.             St. Patrick Parades and celebrations also occur in...       In Boston, Massachusetts since 1804.       In Carbondale, Pennsylvania since 1833.       In Cincinnati, Ohio since 1967.       In Cleveland, Ohio since 1867.       In Grand Ledge, Michigan since 2008.       In Kansas City, Missouri since 1873.       In Milwaukee, Wisconsin since 1843.       In Morristown, New Jersey since 1780.       In New Haven, Connecticut since 1842.       In Norfolk, Virginia since 1968.       In Philadelphia, Pennsylvania since 1771.       In Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania since 1869.       In San Francisco, California since 1852.       In Savannah, Georgia since 1824.       In Scranton, Pennsylvania since 1862.       In St. Louis, Missouri since 1968.       In St. Paul, Minnesota since 1851.       In Wappingers Falls, New York.               Saint Patrick's Day in Argentina       In Buenos Aires, Argentina,   there is the fifth largest population of Irish in the world outside Ireland.       All-night parties are celebrated in designated streets   where there are several Irish pubs,   especially in the downtown street of Reconquista.       About 50,000 people dance and drink beer throughout the night,   until mid-morning.       The gatherings,   which occur in other areas of Argentina as well,   are not formally organized by the Irish community or the Catholic Church.               Saint Patrick's Day in Canada       In Montreal, Canada,   the city flag has a shamrock as one of the four blocks to represent the large Irish community.       The City boasts one of the longest-running Saint Patrick's Day parades in North America since 1824.             In Quebec City, Canada,   the Quebec St-Patrick Parade was held from 1837 to 1926.       After an absence of more than 84 years, it returned in 2010.             In Toronto, Canada,   there is a parade in the city's downtown that attracts over 100,000 spectators.       The Maple Leafs hockey team was known as the Toronto St. Patricks from 1919 to 1927,   and wore green jerseys.       In 1999,   when the Maple Leafs played on "Hockey Night in Canada" on Saint Patrick's Day,   they wore the retro green St. Patrick's day uniforms.             In the Canadian province of Newfoundland and Labrador,   Saint Patrick's Day is a provincial holiday (the only are of canada where it is).               Saint Patrick's Day in England       In Birmingham, England,   the largest Saint Patrick's Day parade in Britain is held with a two mile (3 km) route through the city centre.       The organisers claim it is the third biggest parade in the world after Dublin and New York.             In London, England,   the annual Saint Patrick's Day parade takes place on weekend around the 17th,   usually in Trafalgar Square since 2002.       The water in the Trafalgar Square fountains was dyed green in In 2008.       Queen Elizabeth used to present bowls of shamrock flown over from Ireland to members of the Irish Guards,   a regiment in the British Army consisting primarily of soldiers from both Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.       The Irish Guards still wear shamrock flown in from Ireland on this day.       Horse racing at the Cheltenham Festival attracts large numbers of Irish people,   both residents of Britain and many who travel from Ireland,   and usually coincides with Saint Patrick's Day.             In Liverpool, England,   the highest proportion of residents of Irish ancestry in England live.       The celebration on St Patrick's Day includes music,   cultural events and the St. Patrick's Day parade.             In Manchester, England,   a two-week Irish festival is held in the weeks prior to St Patrick's Day.       It includes an Irish Market,   a large parade,   and a large number of cultural and learning events.                     Saint Patrick's Day in Scotland       In Coatbridge, Scotland,   the majority of the town's population is of Irish descent.       The St. Patrick's Day Festival includes celebrations   and parades in the town centre.             In Glasgow, Scotland,   there is a considerably large Irish population.       Many Irish pubs   and Irish interest groups   run annual celebrations on St Patrick's day   including an annual Saint Patrick's Day parade since 2007.                     Saint Patrick's Day in Montserrat   In Montserrat,   the carribean island nation,   is the only place in the world apart from Ireland and the Canadian province of Newfoundland and Labrador   where St Patrick's Day is a public holiday.       Infact it is the National Day of Montserrat.       The holiday also commemorates a failed slave uprising that occurred on March 17th, 1768.       Montserrat is known as the "Emerald Island of the Caribbean"   because of its founding by Irish refugees from Saint Kitts and Nevis.                     Saint Patrick's Day in Japan   In Japan,   Saint Patrick's Day celebrations occur throught the month of March.     Parades are held in at least nine locations across Japan.     The first parade,   in Tokyo,   was organised by The Irish Network Japan (IN) in 1992.               Saint Patrick's Day in Australia and New Zealand   In Australia and New Zealand,   Saint Patrick's Day is observed as a day to celebrate links to Ireland   and Irish heritage.     Many Irish people emigrated to the countries,   or were brought as convicts during the 19th century.     Green clothing is traditionally worn   and the streets are often filled with revellers   drinking   and partying   from early afternoon   throughout the night.             *  Saint Patrick's Day in Korea   In Seoul, South Korea,   the Irish Association of Korea has celebrated Saint Patrick's Day   since 2001.               Famous Quotes       - 1 -     "Ireland,   thou friend of my country in my country's most friendless days,   much injured,   much enduring land,   accept this poor tribute   from one who esteems thy worth,   and mourns thy desolation."     - George Washington,   speaking of Ireland's support for America during the revolution.         - 2-     "It is a curious contradiction,   not very often remembered in England,   that for many generations the private soldiers of the British Army were largely Irish."     - Cecil Woodham-Smith         - 3 -     "This is one race of people   for whom psychoanalysis is of no use whatsoever."     - Sigmund Freud (about the Irish)
 HISTORICAL EVENTS ON MARCH 17th   .. (45 BC) In his last victory, Julius Caesar defeats the Pompeian forces of Titus Labienus and Pompey the Younger in the Battle of Munda ..     180 Marcus Aurelius dies. Commodus is now the only emperor ..     432 St Patrick, a bishop, is carried off to Ireland as a slave ..     455 Roman senator Petronius Maximus becomes Emperor ..     461 Bishop Patrick, St. Patrick, died in Saul. Ireland celebrates this day in his honor. (More about St. Patrick's Day) ..     624 Muhammad wins a key victory over his Meccan adversaries in the Battle of Badr ..     1190 Crusades complete massacre of Jews of York England ..     1328 Treaty of Edinburgh by which England acknowledged the independence of Scotland under Robert 1 was concluded at Edinburgh ..     1337 Edward, the Black Prince is made Duke of Cornwall, the first Duchy made in England ..     1521 Ferdinand Magellan lands on Homohon and discovers the Philippines ..     1526 French king François I freed from Spain ..     1537 French troops invade Flanders ..     1577 The Cathay Company is formed to send Martin Frobisher back to the New World for more gold. he will return with tons of worthless pyrites, which are dumped as street ballast in London, giving rise to the legend that the streets of London were paved with gold ..     1580 Prince Willem of Orange welcomed in Amsterdam ..     1613 Newfoundland the wife of Nicholas Guy gives birth to a son; likely the first English child born in Newfoundland ..     1658 Pro-Charles II plot in England discovered ..     1672 England declares war on Netherlands ..     1722 Willem KH Friso appointed mayor of Drente ..     1734 Forty-two families of German Protestant refugees landed in the American colonies, Sponsored by the British Society for the Promotion of Christian Knowledge, they founded the town of Ebenezer, 30 miles from current Savannah, Georgia ..     1753 First official St Patrick's Day ..     1755 Transylvania Land Co buys Kentucky for $50,000 from a Cherokee chief ..     1756 St. Patrick's Day was celebrated in New York City for the first time. The event took place at the Crown and Thistle Tavern ..     1757 Prince Mas Saïd of Mataram surrenders to Mangkubumi in Java ..     1762 First St Patrick's Day parade in NYC ..     1766 Britain repeals Stamp Act ..     1776 British forces evacuate Boston, Massachusetts after George Washington and Henry Knox place artillery in positions overlooking the city. Head to Nova Scotia during Revolutionary War ..     1780 George Washington grants the Continental Army a holiday "as an act of solidarity with the Irish in their fight for independence" ..     1789 Birth of Charlotte Elliott, English devotional writer. An illness at age 33 left her an invalid her remaining 50 years, during which she devoted herself to religious writing. Of her 150 hymns, "Just As I Am" remains popular today ..     1799 Napoleon Bonaparte and his army reach Mediterranean seaport of St. Jean d'Acra, only to find British warships ready to break his siege of the town ..     1800 English warship Queen Charlotte catches fire; 700 die ..     1804 Johann von Schiller's "Wilhelm Tell" premieres ..     1805 The Italian Republic, with Napoleon as president, becomes the Kingdom of Italy, with Napoleon as King ..     1821 Greek Revolution starts from Areopoli (Mani Peninsula) ..     1824 England and Netherlands sign a trade agreement ..     1829 Ottawa Ontario 200 Irish canal navvies riot on St. Patricks Day; one killed and many wounded ..     1833 Phoenix Society forms in New York ..     1836 Texas abolishes slavery ..     1841 Birth of James R. Murray, American sacred music editor. A veteran of the American Civil War, Murray is better remembered today as composer of the hymn tune MUELLER, to which we sing the Christmas carol, "Away in a Manger." ..     1842 Indians land in Ohio, a 12 square mile area in Upper Sandusky ..     1845 Bristol man, Henry Jones, patents self-raising flour ..     1845 Rubber band patented by Stephen Perry of London ..     1847 Dmitri Shostakovich's opera "Macbeth" is produced  and premieres in Florence ..     1854 1st park land purchased by a US city, Worcester MA ..     1858 Toronto Ontario St. Patricks Day riot breaks out during parade; one man fatally stabbed ..     1860 Japanese embassy arrives aboard Candinmarruh ..     1860 The First Taranaki War begins in Taranaki, New Zealand, a major phase of the New Zealand land wars ..     1861 Italy declares independence; Kingdom of Italy proclaimed (1861-1946) ..     1863 Battle of Kelly's Ford, Virginia (211 casualities) ..     1868 The first postage stamp canceling machine patent is issued ..     1870 Wellesley College was incorporated by the Massachusetts legislature under its first name, Wellesley Female Seminary ..     1871 National Association of Professional Base-Ball players organized ..     1876 1st record high jump over 6' (Marshall Jones Brooks) ..     1876 Gen Crook destroy Cheyennes & Oglala-Sioux indian camps ..     1877 Bill Midwinter completes Test Crickets' 1st 5-wkt haul, 5-78 vs England ..     1884 John Joseph Montgomery made the first glider flight in Otay, California ..     1886 Twenty African Americans are killed in the Carrollton Massacre in Mississippi ..     1890 Birth of Julius R. Mantey, co-author (with H. E. Dana) of a popular intermediate biblical language grammar. Originally published in 1927, the "Dana & Mantey" New Testament Greek Grammar is still popular, and still in print! ..     1891 The British steamship SS Utopia sinks off the coast of Gibraltar, killing 574 ..     1894 US and China sign treaty preventing Chinese laborers from entering US ..     1897 Emilie Grace Briggs became the first woman in America to graduate from a Presbyterian theological school, when she received her Bachelor of Divinity degree from Union Theological Seminary, in New York City ..     1897 Robert Fitzsimmons KOs James J Corbett in 14 for heavyweight boxing title ..     1898 "The first practical submarine submerges, off New York NY for 1 hour 40 minutes" ..     1899 Windsor luxury hotel in NYC catches fire, 92 die ..     1900 Montréal Shamrocks sweep Halifax Crescents in 2 in the Stanley Cup ..     1901 Free thinking-Democratic Union forms in Netherlands ..     1901 In Paris, Vincent Van Gogh's paintings were shown at the Bernheim Gallery ..     1901 An exhibition of seventy-one Vincent van Gogh paintings in Paris, 11 years after his death, creates a sensation ..     1902 Stanley Cup: Montréal AAA beat Winnipeg Victorias, 2 games to 1 ..     1905  Anna Eleanor Roosevelt, niece of President Theodore Roosevelt, marries Franklin D. Roosevelt in New York ..     1906 The Phi Kappa Tau Fraternity is founded at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio ..     1906 U.S.President Theodore Roosevelt uses term "muckraker" ..     1906 Montreal Wanderers beat Ottawa Silver 7, although both winning a game, Montreal outscores Ottawa 12-10 in the Stanley Cup ..     1906 The Phi Kappa Tau Fraternity is founded at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio ..     1906 Japan nationalises its railways ..     1906 Montréal Wanderers beat Ottawa Silver 7, although both winning a game, Montréal outscores Ottawa 12-10 in the Stanley Cup ..     1908 Quickest world heavyweight title fight (Tommy Burns KOs Jem Roche in 88 seconds) ..     1909 In France, the communications industry was paralyzed by strikes ..     1910 DHC soccer team forms in Delft Neth ..     1910 The Camp Fire Girls organization was founded by Luther and Charlotte Gulick. It was formally presented to the public exactly 2 years later ..     1910 Luther Halsey Gulick and his wife Charlotte found Camp Fire Girls formally announced in 1912  in Lake Sebago, Maine  (now Camp Fire USA). ..     1913 The Uruguayan Air Force is founded ..     1914 Russia increases the number of active duty military from 460,000 to 1,700,000 ..     1916 Eight Curtiss "Jenny" planes of the First Aero Squadron take off from Columbus, Mexico, in the first combat air mission in U.S. history ..     1917 America’s first bowling tournament for ladies began in St. Louis, MO. Almost 100 women participated in the event ..     1917 Delta Phi Epsilon is founded at New York University Law School ..     1917 Tsar Nicolas II of Russia abdicates the throne ..     1918 US Ladies Figure Skating championship won by Rosemary Beresford ..     1918 US Men's Figure Skating Championship won by Nathaniel Niles ..     1919 Dutch steel workers strike for 8 hour day and minimum wages ..     1921 Lenin proclaims New Economic Politics ..     1921 Sailors revolt in Kronstadt (thousands die) ..     1921 The Second Republic of Poland adopts the March Constitution ..     1921 Dr Marie Stopes opens Britain's 1st birth control clinic (London) ..     1921 Sailors revolt in Kronstadt (thousands die) ..     1921 The Second Republic of Poland adopts the March Constitution ..     1924 Eugene O'Neill's "Welded" premieres in New York NY ..     1924 Four Douglas army aircraft leave Los Angeles for an around the world flight ..     1924 Netherlands and USSR begin talks over USSR recognition ..     1924 Sweden and USSR exchange diplomats ..     1926 Dutch Calvinists oust Reverend J G Geelkerken over Genesis 3 ..     1926 Richard Rodgers & L Hart's musical "Girl Friend" premieres in New York NY ..     1926 Spain and Brazil prevent Germany joining League of Nations ..     1927 US government doesn't sign league of Nations disarmament treaty ..     1929 General Motors acquires German auto manufacturer Adam Opel ..     1929 Spanish dictator Primo de Rivera closes university of Madrid ..     1930 Mob boss Al Capone is released from jail ..     1931 In an attempt to lift the state from the hard times of the Great Depression, the Nevada state legislature votes to legalize gambling ..     1931 Stalin throws Krupskaya Lenin out of Central Committee ..     1932 German police raid Hitler's Nazi-headquarter ..     1934 Dollfuss, Mussolini & Gombos sign Donau Pact (protocols of Rome) ..     1935 KSO-AM in Des Moines IA call sign is given to KWCR ..     1939 The Battle of Nanchang between the Kuomintang and the Japanese breaks out in the Sino-Japanese War (1937-1945) ..     1941 The National Gallery of Art was officially opened by U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt in Washington, DC ..     1942 Gen Doug MacArthur arrives in Australia to become supreme commander of the Allied forces in the Southwestern Pacific ..     1942 Belzec Concentration Camp opens (western Ukraine), 30,000 Lublin Polish Jews transported. The first Jews from the Lviv Ghetto are gassed at the Belzec death camp in what is today eastern Poland ..     1943 The ships, Aldemarin (Ned) and Fort Cedar Lake (US) torpedoed and sink ..     1943 F Hugh Herbert's "Kiss & Tell" premieres in New York NY ..     1944 During World War II, The U.S. Eighth Air Force bombs Vienna ..     1944 Actor Charlton Heston weds Lydia Clarke ..     1945 The strategically important captured railway Bridge at Remagen, having sped the end of WW-II, but ironically no longer taking artillery fire, collapses ten days into the battle rendering the lodgement on the Germany bank of the Rhine dependent entirely on pontoon bridges ..     1945 Allied ships bomb North-Sumatra ..     1945 HMCS Guysborough torpedoed in the Bay of Biscay ..     1945 The Ludendorff Bridge in Remagen, Germany collapses, ten days after its capture ..     1947 First flight of the B-45 Tornado strategic bomber ..     1948 Benelux, France, and the United Kingdom sign the Treaty of Brussels, a precursor to the North Atlantic Treaty establishing NATO ..     1950 Belgian government of Eyskens resigns ..     1950 Scientists at the University of California at Berkeley announced that they had created a new radioactive element. They named it "californium". It is also known as element 98 ..     1951 Test Cricket debut of Brian Statham, England v NZ Christchurch ..     1951 Government of Drees takes power ..     1951 Test Cricket debut of Brian Statham, England vs New Zealand Christchurch ..     1952 UK hist Utility furniture and clothing scheme ends ..     1953 US performs nuclear test at Nevada Test Site ..     1953 WBAY TV channel 2 in Green Bay, WI (CBS) begins broadcasting ..     1953 WWLP TV channel 22 in Springfield, MA (NBC) begins broadcasting ..     1953 Bill Veeck says he will sell his 80% of St Louis Browns for $2,475M ..     1953 US performs nuclear test at Nevada Test Site ..     1953 WBAY TV channel 2 in Green Bay WI (CBS) begins broadcasting ..     1953 WWLP TV channel 22 in Springfield MA (NBC) begins broadcasting ..     1955 Maurice "Rocket" Richard suspended, sparks 7 hour riot in Montréal ..     1955 The Richard Riot occurs in the streets of Montreal over the suspension of hockey legend Maurice Richard ..     1956 Ed Sullivan Show, Phil Silvers Show & Lucy Ball in the 8th Emmy Awards ..     1957 A plane crash in Cebu, Philippines kills Philippine President Ramon Magsaysay and 24 others ..     1957 Dutch ban on Sunday driving lifted ..     1958 Navy launches Vanguard 1 into orbit (2nd US), measures Earth shape ..     1958 The United States launches the Vanguard 1 satellite ..     1959 The Dalai Lama (Lhama Dhondrub, Tenzin Gyatso) fled Tibet and went to India ..     1959 Australia and USSR restore diplomatic relations ..     1960 WSLA (now WAKA) TV channel 8 in Selma, AL (CBS) begins broadcasting ..     1960 Number one hit on UK music charts - Johnny Preston - Running Bear ..     1960 U.S. President Dwight D. Eisenhower signs the National Security Council directive on the anti-Cuban covert action program that will ultimately lead to the Bay of Pigs Invasion ..     1960 UK hist New £1 notes issued by Bank of England ..     1960 WSLA (now WAKA) TV channel 8 in Selma AL (CBS) begins broadcasting ..     1961 South Africa leaves British Commonwealth ..     1961 New York DA arrests professional gamblers who implicate Seton Hall players ..     1961 South Africa leaves British Commonwealth ..     1961 The United States increases military aid and technicians to Laos ..     1962 The Soviet Union asks the United States to pull out of South Vietnam ..     1963 Bob Cousy plays his last NBA game ..     1963 Elizabeth Ann Seton of New York beatified (canonized in 1975) ..     1963 Eruptions of Mount Agung Bali, kills 1,500 Balinese ..     1965 Beatles announce their film is named "8 Arms to Hold on to You" (Help) ..     1965 The X-22A VTOL research aircraft made its first flight at Buffalo, N.Y ..     1966 South Africa government bans Defense & Aid Fund ..     1966 Number one hit on UK music charts - The Walker Brothers - The Sun Ain't Gonna Shine Anymore ..     1966 Off the coast of Spain in the Mediterranean, the DSV Alvin submarine finds a missing American hydrogen bomb ..     1967 Snoopy and Charlie Brown of "Peanuts" were on the cover of "LIFE" magazine ..     1968 2-tiered gold price negotiated in Washington DC by US and 6 European nations ..     1968 Kathie Whitworth wins LPGA St Petersburg Orange Blossom Golf Open ..     1969 Golda Meir becomes the first female and fourth Prime Minister of Israel ..     1970 The U.S. Army charged 14 officers with suppression of facts related to the My Lai massacre case ..     1970 Peter O'Malley becomes CEO of Los Angeles Dodgers ..     1970 The Army charges 14 officers with suppression of facts in the My Lai massacre case ..     1970 US casts their first UN Security Council veto (Support England) ..     1972 U.S. President Nixon asked Congress to halt busing in order to achieve desegregation ..     1972 Ringo releases "Back off Bugaloo" in UK ..     1973 Luzon, Philippine Islands a 7.5 earthquake killed 14, injured 100, and caused an estimated $2 million in damage" ..     1973 St Patrick Day marchers carry 14 coffins commemorating Bloody Sunday ..     1973 The first American prisoners of war (POWs) were released from the "Hanoi Hilton" in Hanoi, North Vietnam ..     1973 First POWs are released from the "Hanoi Hilton" in Hanoi, North Vietnam ..     1973 Queen Elizabeth II opens new London Bridge ..     1973 Twenty are killed in Cambodia when a bomb goes off that was meant for the Cambodian President Lon Nol ..     1973 UK hist Modern London Bridge opened by the Queen ..     1973 The Pulitzer Prize-winning photograph Burst of Joy is taken, depicting a former prisoner of war being reunited with his family ..     1974 A CP Rail freight train hits a rock slide and derails at Spences Bridge, BC killing two crew members. This lead to the eventual installation of ditch lights on Canadian trains ..     1974 Jane Blalock wins LPGA Bing Crosby Golf Classic International ..     1975 The Chicago, Rock Island and Pacific Railroad enters its third and final bankruptcy, and William M. Gibbons is selected as receiver and bankruptcy trustee ..     1975 Valeri Muratov skates world record 1000 meter (1:16.92) ..     1976 Malikov skates world record 1000m (1:15.76) ..     1976 US performs nuclear test at Nevada Test Site ..     1976 Rubin "Hurricane" Carter is retried ..     1977 Australia wins cricket Centenary Test by 45 runs, same result as 1877 ..     1978 Amoco Cadiz tanker spills 1.6 mil gallons of oil off French coast ..     1978 Ligeti's opera "Le Grand Macabre" premieres in Stockholm ..     1978 RCMP charge Toronto Sun editor Peter Worthington and publisher Donald Creighton with violating Official Secrets Act; published information from secret report on Soviet espionage activities in Canada ..     1978 Reds don green uniforms for St Patricks Day ..     1979 The Penmanshiel Tunnel collapses during engineering works, killing two workers ..     1979 Number one hit on UK music charts - Gloria Gaynor - I Will Survive ..     1979 World Ice Dance Championship at Vienna won by N Linichuk & G Karponosov USSR ..     1979 World Ice Pairs Figure Skating Championship at Vienna won by Tai Babilonia & R Gardner (USA) ..     1979 World Ladies Figure Skating Championship in Vienna won by Linda Fratianne (USA) ..     1979 World Men's Figure Skating Championship in Vienna won by Vladimir Kovalev (USSR) ..     1981 FC Lisse, Dutch soccer team forms ..     1982 Following the failure of Argentinean diplomatic efforts to reclaim the Falkland Islands from the British, an Argentine warship lands a party of ""scrap dealers"" on South Georgia Island, a dependency of the Falkland Islands British crown colony ..     1982 4 Dutch TV crew members shot dead by government troops in El Salvador ..     1983 9th People's Choice Awards ..     1983 70th hat trick in Islander history-Mike Bossy ..     1985 IBM surprised the computer industry by announcing the termination of its PC Jr., a watered-down version of its popular IBM PC" ..     1985 U.S. President Reagan agreed to a joint study with Canada on acid rain ..     1985 Brian Mulroney 1939- welcomes President Ronald Reagan to a Canada-US Summit meeting in the Chateau Frontenac; called the Shamrock Summit because of their common Irish ancestry and the date - St. Patrick's Day ..     1985 Jane Blalock wins LPGA Women's Kemper Golf Open ..     1985 Matti Nykanen of Finland set a world ski jump record of 623' ..     1985 Serial killer Richard Ramirez, aka the "Night Stalker", commits the first two murders in his Los Angeles, California murder spree ..     1986 Haemers gang robs gold transport in Belgium of 35 million BF ..     1987 Torrential rains and mudslides in Tajikistan, Soviet Union, destroy dam, killing 19 people and leaving nine others missing ..     1987 IBM releases PC-DOS version 3.3 ..     1987 Sunil Gavaskar ends his Test career with an inning of 96 vs Pakistan ..     1988 A Colombian Boeing 727 jetliner, Avianca Flight 410, crashes into a mountainside near the Venezuelan border killing 143 ..     1988 The Nadew Command, an Ethiopian army corps in Eritrea, is attacked on three sides by military units of the Eritrean People's Liberation Front (EPLF) in the opening action of the Battle of Afabet. of th Eritrean War of Independence ..     1988 "Les Miserables" opens at Det Norske Teatret, Oslo Norway ..     1988 Highest scoring NCAA basketball game, Loyola-Marymnt 119, Wyoming 115 ..     1988 Iran says Iraq uses poison gas ..     1989 "Chu Chem" opens at Ritz Theater NYC for 44 performances ..     1989 A series of solar flares caused a violent magnetic storm that brought power outages over large regions of Canada ..     1989 Dorothy Cudahy is 1st female grand marshal of St Patrick Day Parade ..     1990 PBA National Championship Won by Jim Pencak ..     1991 Former Australian governor-general Sir John Kerr, who dismissed the Whitlam Labor government in 1975, dies in Sydney aged 76 ..     1991 9 of 15 Soviet reps officially approve new union treaty ..     1991 Irish Lesbians and Gays march in St Patrick Day parade ..     1991 John Robin Baitz' "Substance of Fire" premieres in New York NY ..     1991 New Jersey raises turnpike tolls 70% ..     1991 Penny Hammel wins Desert Inn LPGA Golf International ..     1991 USSR holds a referendum to determine if they should stay together; 9 of 15 Soviet representatives officially approve new union treaty ..     1992 A suicide car-bomb kills 29 and injures 242 at the Israeli Embassy attack in Buenos Aires, Argentina ..     1992 Death & the Maiden" opens at Brooks Atkinson NYC for 159 performances ..     1992 28 killed in truck bombing of Israeli embassy in Buenos Aires, Arg ..     1992 De Klerk wins a white only referendum ..     1992 In Buenos Aires, 10 people were killed in a suicide car-bomb attack against the Israeli embassy ..     1992 White South Africans approved constitutional reforms to give legal equality to blacks ..     1992 18th People's Choice Awards: Garth Brooks and Reba McEntire ..     1992 De Klerk wins a white only referendum ..     1992 Islamic Jihad truck bombs Israeli Embassy in Buenos Aires Argentina. Suicide car bomb attack kills 29 and injures 242 ..     1992 Russian manned space craft TM-14, launches into orbit ..     1993 86 killed by bomb attack in Calcutta ..     1994 Little More Magic" opens at Belasco Theater NYC for 30 performances ..     1994 Iran transport aircraft crashes in Azerbaijan (32 killed) ..     1994 It is announced there is no smoking in Cleveland Indians new ballpark ..     1995 US approves first chicken pox vaccine, Varivax by Merck and Co ..     1995 British £ hits 2.4545 to Dutch guilder (record) ..     1995 Sinn-Fein leader Gerry Adams visits White House. He is the first leader of Sinn Fein to be received at the White House ..     1996 "Bus Stop" closes at Circle in Square Theater NYC after 29 performances ..     1996 "Getting Away With Murder" opens at Broadhurst NYC for 17 performances ..     1996 Aravinda De Silva gets 107 & 3-42 in cricket World Cup victory ..     1996 Liselotte Neumann wins LPGA Ping/Welch's Golf Championship ..     1996 Mike Tyson beat Frank Bruno in 3rd round to gain Heavyweight title ..     1996 Montréal Canadien's 1st game in their new arena ..     1996 Sri Lanka beat Australia by 7 wickets to win the World Cup ..     1997 CNN begins Spanish broadcasts ..     1998 Washington Mutual announced it had agreed to buy H.F. Ahmanson and Co. for $9.9 billion dollars. The deal created the nation's seventh-largest banking company ..     1998 USA Women's Hockey Team beats Canada for first Olympics Gold medal ..     1999 A panel of medical experts concluded that marijuana had medical benefits for people suffering from cancer and AIDS ..     1999 The International Olympic Committee expelled six of its members in the wake of a bribery scandal ..     2000The 800+ deaths of members of the Ugandan cult Movement for the Restoration of the Ten Commandments of God on 2000 is considered to be a mass murder and suicide orchestrated by leaders of the cult." ..     2000 In Kanungu, Uganda, a fire at a church linked to the cult known as the Movement for the Restoration of the Ten Commandments killed more than 2000 In Norway, Jens Stotenberg and the Labour Party took office as Prime Minister. The coalition government of Kjell Magne Bondevik resigned on March 9 as a result of an environmental dispute ..     2001 AUSTRALIA has its first woman police chief, with Christine Nixon today appointed Victoria's new police commissioner ..     2003 British Cabinet Minister Robin Cook, resigns over government plans for the war with Iraq ..     2003 Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs Robin Cook, resigns from the British Cabinet in disagreement with government plans for the 2003 invasion of Iraq ..     2004 Unrest in Kosovo results in more than 22 killed, 200 wounded, and the destruction of 35 Serb Orthodox shrines in Kosovo and two mosques in Belgrade and Nis ..     2007 Mike Modano (Dallas Stars) scored his 502nd and 503rd career goals making him the all-time U.S. leader in goal-scoring ..     2008 New York State Governor Eliot Spitzer resigns after a scandal involving a high-end prostitute. Lieutenant Governor David Paterson becomes New York State governor ..     2008 German Chancellor Visits Israel ..     2009 The iTunes Music Store reached 800 million applications downloaded ..     2010 Toyota Blames solar flares for accelleration problems. Nobody buys it.
 MURPHY's LAW              "Anything that can go wrong will go wrong."              THE HISTORY        It was named after Capt. Edward A. Murphy,   an engineer working on Air Force Project MX981,   a project designed to see how much sudden deceleration a person can stand in a crash.     One day,   after finding that a transducer was wired wrong,   he cursed the technician responsible and said,   "If there is any way to do it wrong,   he'll find it."     The contractor's project manager kept a list of   "laws" and added this one,   which he called Murphy's Law.         font color="#ffffff"> - Note:   One important fact about Murphy's Law   was that it was not actually coined by Murphy,   but by another man of the same name.     Some say Murphy was an optimist         - How Murphy Died:     One dark evening (in the U.S.),   Mr. Murphy's car ran out of gas.     As he hitch-hiked to a gas station,   while facing traffic   and wearing white,   he was struck from behind by a British tourist   who was driving on the wrong side of the road.              SUBRULES      Subrule #1a:   If many things can go wrong,   they will all go wrong at the same time.       SubRule #1b:   If there is a possibility of one of several things going wrong,   the one that will cause the most damage   will be the one to go wrong.       Subrule #1c: Alternative:   Whatever was supposed to happen, Won't.       SubRule #1d: Alternative:   Corollary:   If there is a possibility of several things going wrong,   the one that will cause the most damage will be the FIRST to go wrong.     SubRule #2:   If anything just cannot go wrong,   it will anyway.     SubRule #3:   If you perceive that there are four possible ways in which something can go wrong,   and circumvent these,   then a fifth way,   unprepared for,   will promptly develop.     SubRule #3:   Corollary:   It will be impossible to fix the fifth fault,   without breaking the fix on one or more of the others.     SubRule #4:   Behind every little problem there's a larger problem,   waiting for the little problem to get out of the way.     SubRule #5a:   The probability that something can go wrong is directly proportional to the square of the amount of inconvenience it can cause you.       SubRule #5b:   The probability of anything happening is in inverse ratio   to its desirability.       SubRule #6:   If in a series events that could have gone wrong and didn't,   It will have been ultimately beneficial for them to have gone wrong in the first place.       SubRule #7a:   Anything that seems right,   is putting you into a false sense of security.       SubRule #7b:   The only time you are right,   is when its about being wrong.       SubRule #7c:   The only times something's right,   is when everyone agrees its wrong.       SubRule #8:   Everything that could possibly go wrong for anyone else   will always happen to you.       SubRule #9: Any time things appear to be going better,   you have overlooked something.       SubRule #9:   Corollary:   The light at the end of the tunnel is usually the headlamp of an oncoming train.       SubRule#10:   No amount of advance planning will ever replace dumb luck.       ... ...              APPLICATIONS        Murphy's Law as it applies to...         Order: #1:   Whenever you set out to do something,   something else must be done first.     Order: #2:   In any particular situation,   if three things can go wrong,   they usually do in sequence,   each facilitating the occurrence of the next.       Probability: #1:   The probability of rain is inversely proportional to the size of the umbrella you carry around with you all day.       Probability: #2:   The likelihood of something happening is in inverse proportion to the desirability of it happening.       Probability: #3a:   If your action has a 50% possibility of being correct,   you will be wrong 95% of the time.       Probability: #3b:   If there is a 50-50 chance that something can go wrong,   then 9 times out of 10 it will.     Probability: #4:   The Likelyhood of spilling wine is direclly proportional to the cost of the carpet   multiplied by the cost of the wine.       The Future:   Left to themselves,   things tend to go from bad to worse.       Preperation: #1:   If everything seems to be going well,   you have obviously overlooked something.       Preperation: #2:   You cannot successfully determine beforehand which side of the bread to butter.       Ingenuity:   The best way to foster a perfect thought is to seal the envelope.       Nature: #1:   Nature always sides with the hidden flaw.       Nature: #2:   In nature,   nothing is ever right.   Therefore,   if everything is going right...   something is wrong.       Experience:   Experience is something you don't get until just after you need it.       Cleanliness:   In order for something to get clean,   something else must get dirty.       Economics: #1:   Matter will be damaged in direct proportion to its value.       Economics: #2:   A falling object will always land where it can do the most damage.       Economics: #3:   The chance of the buttered side of the bread falling face down is directly proportional to the cost of the carpet.       Economics: #4:   A shatterproof object will always fall on the only surface hard enough to crack   or break it.       Economics: #5:   No matter how long or how hard you shop for an item,   after you've bought it,   it will be on sale somewhere   cheaper.       Economics: #6:   If you plan for something to go wrong,   and it doesn't go wrong,   it would have been ultimately profitable for it to go wrong...     Economics: #7a:   You will never find any more loose change than you have already lost.       Economics: #7b:   Change is inevitable,   except from a vending machine.       Economics: #8:   By the time you make ends meet,   they move the ends.       Time Management: #1:   Everything takes longer than it takes.       Time Management: #2:   Every solution breeds new problems.       Time Management: #3a:   The other line always moves faster.       Time Management: #3b:   If you step out of a short line for a second,   it becomes a long line.     Time Management: #4:   You will find an easy way to do it,   after you've finished doing it.       Time Management: #5:   The proposed size of any project   is inversely proportional to the size the project will eventually become.       Time Management: #6:   The remaining work to finish in order to reach your goal   increases as the deadline approaches.       Time Management: #7:   The first 90% of a project takes 90% of the time,   the last 10% takes another 90% of the time.     Time Management: #8:   The simpler and quicker your transaction,   the more complex and time-consuming the transaction of the person immediately ahead of you in the line.       Proximity: #1:   A valuable dropped item will always fall into an inaccessible place   (a diamond ring down the drain, for example)   - or into the garbage disposal while it is running.       Proximity: #2:   A valuable falling in a hard to reach place   will be exactly at the distance of the tip of your fingers.       Proximity: #3:   If a valuable falls in a hard to reach place at a distance shorter than the tip of your finger,   as soon as you try to reach it you'll push it to that distance.       Proximity: #4:   The severity of the itch is proportional to the reach.       Necesity: #1:   A persons need for something,   is inversely proportional to it's availability.       Necesity: #2:   A persons disregard for something is direcly proportional to it's availability.       Reliability:   One's willingness to do something is inversely proportional to:   A) the need for it to be done.   B) the number of people who are relying on that person to do it.       Observation: #1:   the probability of being observed is in direct proportion to the stupidity of ones actions.       Observation: #2:   the probability of being observed is in direct proportion to the embarrassment of ones actions.       Home Economics: #1:   If a dish is dropped while removing it from the cupboard,   it will hit the sink,   breaking the dish   and chip or dent the sink in the process.       Home Economics: #2:   Anything dropped in the bathroom will fall in the toilet.       Home Economics: #3:   A spoon placed in the sink will locate to maximize splash from the faucet.       Home Maintenece #1:   Anything you try to fix will take longer   and cost you more than you thought.       Home Maintenece #2:   If you foll around with something for very long you will screw it up.       Home Maintenece #3:   If you use a pole saw to saw a limb   while standing on an aluminum ladder   borrowed from your neighbor,   the limb will fall in such a way   as to bend the ladder before it knocks you to the ground.       Lawn Maintenece:   If you pick up a chunk of broken concrete and try to pitch it into an adjacent lot,   it will hit a tree limb   and come down right on the driver's side of your car windshield.       Pet Care:   The greater the value of the rug,   the greater the probability that the cat will throw up on it.       Home Organization #1:   You will always find something in the last place you look.       Home Organization #2:   If your looking for more than one thing,   you'll find the most important one last.       Home Organization #3:   An item can only be first in your normal searching order   if you decide to reverse the normal searching order.       Home Organization #4a:   After you bought a replacement for something you've lost   after searching everywhere,   you'll find the original.       Home Organization #4b:   The easiest way to find something lost around the house   is to buy a replacement.       Home Organization #5:   In any household,   junk accumulates to the the space available for its storage.       Repair: #1:   A broken item's likeliness of working   is highest when presented to a repairman.       Repair: #2:   When a broken appliance is demonstrated for the repairman,   it will work perfectly.       Repair: #2:   Corollary:   Machines that have broken down will work perfectly when the repairman arrives.       Repair: #3 The repairman will have never seen a model quite like yours before.       Occupational: #1:   Traffic is inversely proportional to how late you are,   or are going to be.       Occupational: #2:   You will never leave a parking space without someone in an adjacent space leaving at the same time.       Occupational: #3:   The complexity and frustration factor   is inversely proportional to how much time you have left to finish,   and how important it is.       Occupational: #4:   There will always be beer cans rolling on the floor of your car   when the boss asks for a ride home from the office.       Occupational: #5:   The more complicated the job,   the less time and useful information you will be given.       Occupational: #6:   Success always occurs in private,   and failure in full public view.       Clerical: #1:   Paper is always strongest at the perforation.       Clerical: #2:   The chance a copy machine will break down   is proportional to the importance of the material that needs to be copied   and inversely proportional to the amount of time till the material will be needed.       Clerical: #3:   The likelyhood of losing a document   is proportional to it's importance   but inversely proportional to the number of copies made.       Clerical: #4: The file you are looking for is always at the bottom of the largest pile.   unless you look there first.       Clerical: #5:   The legibility of a copy   is inversely proportional to its importance.       Clerical: #6:   The phone will not ring until you leave your desk   and walk to the other end of the building.       Clerical: #7:   The confidentiality of a document   is proportional to the likelihood it will be left in the photocopy machine.       Management:   In any hierarchy,   each individual rises to his own level of incompetence,   and then remains there.       Sales:   The severity of a sales problem   is inversely proportional to the distance from nearest support office.       Business: #1:   The road to success is always under construction.       Business: #2:   When you stand at your counter for hours on end   and then go to break,   that's when the customer comes   and rings the bell for help.       Business: #3:   The more urgent the need for a decision to be made,   the less apparent becomes the identity of the decision maker.       Construction: #1:   The bolt that is in the most awkward place   will always be the one with the tightest thread.       Construction: #2:   Reading an instruction manual   is inversely proportional to it's usefulness.       Construction: #3:   A paint drip will always find the hole in the newspaper   and land on the carpet underneath   (and will not be discovered until it has dried).       Construction: #4:   A dropped power tool will always land on the concrete instead of the soft ground (if outdoors)   or the carpet (if indoors),   unless it is running,   in which case it will fall on something it can damage   (like your foot).       Technological: #1:   Comprehension of technology is proportional to how soon it will be outdated.       Technological: #2:   The new version always manages to change the one feature you need most.       Electronics: #1:   The part with the highest failure rate will always be located in the least accessible area of the equipment.       Electronics: #2:   If you install a 50¢ fuse to protect a 100$ component,   the 100$ component will blow to protect the 50¢ fuse.       Electronics: #3:   All things mechanical/electrical will catastrophically fail   after the guarantee has expired,   unless an extended guarantee has been purchased.       Electronics: #4:   Any wire cut to length will be too short.       Electronics: #5:   Any circuit design must contain at least one part which is obsolete,   two parts which are unobtainable   and three parts which are still under development.       Mechanical: #1:   Any tool dropped will fall where it can cause the most damage.       Mechanical: #2:   No part ever fails where you can reach it,   or where there is enough light to see how to replace it.       Mechanical: #3:   The probability any machine breaking down increases with the importance of expected visit.       Mechanical: #4:   When working on a motor vehicle engine,   any tool dropped while repairing a car   will roll underneath to the exact center.       Mechanical: #5:   Any instrument when dropped   will roll into the least accessible corner.       Workmanship: #1:   The quality of workmanship of any given object   is inversely proportional to how useful it is.       Workmanship: #2:   The quality of workmanship of any given object is inversely proportional to how well it works.       Cosmetics: #1:   The cost of the hair do   is directly related to the strength of the wind.       Cosmetics: #2:   The wind will always blow opposite to your hairdo.       Cosmetics: #3:   Wind velocity increases directly with the cost of the hairdo.       Cosmetics: #4:   The likelyhood of needing nails is greatest after a cut.       Photography:   The best photos are generally attempted through the lens cap.       Desire:   If you want something bad enough,   chances are you won't get it.       Recreation: #1:   Your best golf shots always occur when playing alone.       Recreation: #2:   The worst golf shots always occur when playing with someone you are trying to impress.       Power Generation:   Given time,   one can develop a sense of how Murphy's Law will act,   but the Murphy Sense will tingle only after it is too late to keep the excreta from impacting the rotating blade based wind generator.       Physical:   Balance is proportional to the availability of something to hang on to.       Truth:   If the truth is in your favor   no one will believe you.       Computers: #1:   for any given software,   the moment you read software reviews   and manage to master it,   a new version of that software appears.       Computers: #2:   The person ahead of you in the queue,   will have the most complex transaction possible.       Computers: #3:   The more important it is to get to a website,   the greater the chance the server is down.       Computers: #4:   The probability of a hardware failure disappearing   is inversely proportional to the distance between the computer   and the customer engineer.       Computers: #5:   Any program that has not yet crashed   has not reached the most critical moment that it performs.     Religious:   And on the eighth day God said;"O.K. Murphy,   you take over!..       Social:   The nicer someone is,   the farther away (s)he is from you.       Sex:   The hornier someone is,   the less likely that it will be they have sex.       Sex Corollary:   Horniness is inversely related to one's chance of scoring.       Relationship: #1:   The amount of love someone feels for you   is inversely proportional to how much you love them.       Relationship: #2:   Any good looking person you see that isn't alone,   will be accompanied by a person of the opposite sex   who doesn't deserve to be with them.       Calculus:   Measurements will be quoted in the least practical unit;   velocity,   for example,   will be measured in 'furlongs-per-fortnight'.       Shopping: #1:   If you don't want it,   there is plenty of it;   If you really need it,   they're all out of it.       Shopping: #2:   The more you like a product,   the more likely it will be discontinued.       Shopping: #3:   Any item that you want to purchase from a catalog   will always be out of stock   at the time you want to buy it.       Shopping: #4:   If it says "one size fits all,"   it doesn't fit you.       Culinary:   The hardness of the butter   is in inverse proportion to the softness of the bread.       Taxes:   The one time you didn't make a copy of your 1040,   that's the one the IRS did not receive.       Weather: #1:   Into every life some rain must fall.   Usually when your car windows are down.       Weather: #2:   You must first go outside with your umbrella,   before it will stop raining.                    THE RULE OF EXCEPTIONS      ..         "Every rule has an exception   except the Rule of Exceptions"
       SCOTTY's QUOTES OF THE DAY  ..     - 1 -     "We have always found the Irish a bit odd.    They refuse to be English."     - Winston Churchill         - 2 -     "The great Gaels of Ireland are the men that God made mad.     For all their wars are merry,   and all their songs are sad."     - G.K. Chesterton                  PADDY's BEER OF THE DAY  ..     Guinness Extra Stout (Original),   Brewed by Guinness/Diageo in Dublin, Ireland.     It is an Irish Dry Stout with an ABV of 6%.              LILLY's WINE OF THE DAY ..   Glenora 2009 Riesling.     It is a Riesling from the Finger Lakes,   priced at approximately $25 per bottle.              FAMOUS BIRTHS ON MARCH 17th  ..     1231 Emperor Shijo of Japan (d. 1242) ..     1473 King James IV king of Scotland (1488-1513) ..     1578 Francesco Albana Italian painter (Mary's Ascension) ..     1628 Daniel van Papenbroeck [Papebrochius], Flemish historian ..     1628 François Girardon, French sculptor (d. 1715) ..     1664 Georg Osterreich composer ..     1675 Petrus Laurentius Wockenfuss composer ..     1676 Thomas Boston, Scottish church leader (d. 1732) ..     1685 Jean-Marc Nattier French portrait painter ..     1725 Lachlan McIntosh, Scottish-born American military and political leader (d. 1806) ..     1746 Jan David Holland composer ..     1777 Roger Brooke Taney Calvert MD, 5th Chief Justice (Dred Scott decision) (d. 1864) ..     1780 Thomas Chalmers 1st moderator (Free Church of Scotland 1843-47) Scottish pastor, social reformer, author, and scientist ..     1781 Dominique J de Eerens, governor-general of Neth Indies ..     1781 Ebenezer Elliott, British Poet. Know as the "Corn Law Rhymer'" (d. 1849) ..     1781 Dominique J de Eerens Governor-General of Netherland Indies ..     1787 George Simon Ohm physicist (discovered Ohm's Law) ..     1789 Edmund Kean London England, tragic actor (Shylock) ..     1804 James Bridger American trapper and explorer (d. 1881) ..     1820 Jean Ingelow, English poet (d. 1897) ..     1820 Patrick Edward Connor Brevet Major General (Union volunteers) ..     1825 Rodolphe Bresdin French cartoonist/lithographer (Le Bon Samaritain) ..     1826 Oskar Peschel German journalist/geography (Völkerkunder) ..     1828 Patrick Ronayne Cleburne the "Stonewall" of the West (Major General-Confederate Army) ..     1832 Moncure Daniel Conway US, clergyman/author/abolitionist (Life of Thomas Paine) ..     1832 Walter Quintin Gresham Brevet Major General (Union volunteers) ..     1834 Gottlieb Daimler, German engineer and invento - designed 1st motorcycle (d. 1900) ..     1839 Josef Rheinberger Vaduz Liechtenstein, opera composer (Munich Conser) ..     1846 Kate Greenaway English children's author and illustrator (d. 1901) (Under the Window) ..     1848 Horace Wadham Nicholl composer ..     1856 Mikhail Vrubel, Russian painter (d. 1910) ..     1862 Silvio Gesell, Belgian economist (d. 1930) ..     1864 Joseph Baptista, Indian Home Rule Movement founder (d. 1930) ..     1866 Pierce Butler, Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court (d. 1939) ..     1870 Horace Donisthorpe, British entomologist (d. 1951) ..     1872 Billy Quaife cricketer (England batsman 1899-1902) ..     1873 Chard Somerset 1st woman Cabinet minister (1929-31) ..     1873 Margaret Bondfield British Labour leader/1st woman cabinet member ..     1874 Kincsem horse that never lost a race ..     1874 Stephen Samuel Wise US, president of Zionist Organization of America ..     1876 Frederic Ayers composer ..     1877 Albert P Hahn Dutch political cartoonist (People/Nutcracker) ..     1880 Guillermo Uribe Holguin composer ..     1880 Lawrence Oates, English army officer and Antarctic explorer (d. 1912) ..     1880 Sir Patrick Hastings, British barrister (d. 1952) ..     1881 Kristian Elster Norwegian author (Less bror Harris) ..     1881 Walter Rudolf Hess, Swiss physiologist, Nobel laureate (d. 1973) ..     1883 Urmuz, Romanian writer (d. 1923) ..     1884 Alcide Nunez, American jazz clarinetist (d. 1934) ..     1886 Princess Patricia of Connaught, British princess (d. 1974) ..     1887 Ben Sajet Dutch physician/politician ..     1888 Frank Buck actor (Africa Screams, Tiger Queen, Tiger Fangs) ..     1888 Paul Ramadier, French politician (d. 1961) ..     1890 Harold Morris composer ..     1892 Benjamin Drake Van Wissen, Australian Engineer (d. 1984) ..     1892 Sayed Darwish composer ..     1894 Paul Green US, novelist/playwright (In Abraham's Bosom) (d. 1981) ..     1895 Shemp Howard [Samuel Horwitz] Brooklyn NY, comedian/actor (3 Stooges, Bank Dick) ..     1897 Jozef C. Mazur, American stained glass artist and painter (d. 1970) ..     1899 Gloria Swanson Chicago IL, actress (Sadie Thompson, Killer Bees) ..     1900 Alfred Newman New Haven, composer (Love is a Many Splendored Thing) ..     1901 Eisaku Sato premier of Japan (Nobel 1974) ..     1902 Bobby Jones Jr Atlanta GA, PGA golfer (Grand Slam 1930) (d. 1971) ..     1906 Brigitte Helm [Gisele Eve von Kuenheim] Berlin, actress (Gloria, Gold) ..     1906 Michael O'Shea Hartford CT, actor (Denny-It's a Great Life) ..     1906 Tamara Geva dancer ..     1907 Jan M J van Houtte premier Belgium (1952-54) ..     1907 Sonny Werblin, American football franchise owner (d. 1991) ..     1908 Boris N Poveloi [Kampov], Russian journalist/writer ..     1908 Brigitte Helm, German actress (d. 1996) ..     1908 Radie Britain composer ..     1909 Patrick Reilly British diplomat ..     1910 Bayard Rustin American civil rights activist (d. 1987) ..     1911 Raffaele d' Alessandro composer ..     1914 Sammy Baugh Temple TX, NFL hall of famer QB (Washington Redskins)  (d. 2008) ..     1915 Hans Namuth German/US photographer (Todos Santos, Guatemala) ..     1915 Henry Bumstead, American art director (d. 2006) ..     1915 William Roycroft Austria, equestrian 3 day (Olympics-bronze-1976) ..     1916 Ray Ellington, British singer (d. 1985) ..     1917 Arthur Basil Cotle medievalist ..     1917 Brian Boydell composer ..     1918 D Arendo [Arend Honhoff] Dutch pianist/composer (Eleonora) ..     1918 Mercedes McCambridge Joliet IL, actress (Exorcist, All the King's Men) ..     1918 Wilhelmus M J Russell Dutch attorney/Member of 1st chamber (KVP/CDA) ..     1919 Hank Sauer baseball player (National League MVP 1952) ..     1919 Nat "King" Cole Montgomery AL, American singer (Unforgettable, Mona Lisa) (d. 1965) ..     1920 John La Montaine Oak Park IL, composer (Pulitzer 1959) ..     1920 Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, Founding Leader of Bangladesh (d. 1975) ..     1921 Meir Amit, Israeli politician and general (d. 2009) ..     1921 Mick Harvey cricketer (in Newcastle Brother of Neil Test umpire) ..     1922 Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, Founding Leader of Bangladesh (d. 1975) ..     1922 Megan Bull British head mistress (Holloway Jail) ..     1923 Margaret Bondfield 1st woman chairman (Trades Union Congress) ..     1924 Stephen Dodgson composerst ..     1925 G M Hughes British zoologist ..     1925 Gabriele Ferzetti, Italian film and stage actor ..     1925 Jerome Lejeune physiologist ..     1926 Siegfried Lenz German writer (Ein Kriegsende) ..     1927 Kenneth S Goldstein folklorist/enthomusicologist ..     1927 Maurice Ingvar Karkoff composer ..     1927 Nancy Sheehan writer ..     1927 Patrick Allen Malawi, actor (Roman Holiday, Dial "M" for Murder) ..     1927 Sulkhan Ivanovich Nasidze composer ..     1928 Edino Krieger composer ..     1928 William John McKeag, Canadian politician (d. 2007) ..     1930 James Benson Irwin, American astronaut -  Pittsburgh PA, Colonel USAF/astronaut (Apollo 15) (d. 1991) ..     1931 David Peakall, British scientist (d. 2001) ..     1931 Eunice Gayson London England, actress (Dr No, From Russia With Love) ..     1932 Dick Curless singer/songwriter ..     1932 Donald N. Langenberg, American physicist ..     1933 Myrlie Evers-Williams, American activist ..     1934 Erhard Grosskopf composer ..     1934 Q T Macon blues vocal/guitar ..     1935 Adam Wade Pittsburgh PA, actor/singer (Kiss Me Goodbye, Crazy Joe) ..     1935 H Wollschläger writer ..     1935 Renee Taylor actress/comedian (Last of the Red Hot Lovers) ..     1936 Robert Daniel, Richmond, Virginia, republican Congressman for Virginia (1972-1983), (d. 2012) ..     1936 Thomas Ken Mattingly II, American astronaut, Chicago IL, Captain USN/astronaut (Apollo 16, STS-4, 51C) ..     1936 Ladislav Kupkovic, Slovakian composer ..     1936 Patty Maloney, American actress ..     1937 Adam Wade, American singer and actor ..     1937 Galina Samsova ballerina ..     1937 Rudy Ray Moore, American comedian and actor (d. 2008) ..     1938 Keith Michael Patrick O'Brien, Northern Irish clergyman ..     1938 Rudolf Nureyev, Russian-born dancer and choreographer (d. 1993) (Kirov) ..     1938 Zola Taylor, American singer (The Platters) (d. 2007) ..     1939 Jim Gary, American sculptor (d. 2006) ..     1939 Robin Knox-Johnston, British Yachtsman ..     1939 Shahid Mahmoud cricketer (opener scored 16 & 9 in only Pakistan Test) ..     1940 Mark White, American politician ..     1940 Vito Picone rocker (Elegants) ..     1941 Clarence Collins US singer (Imperials-Tears on my pillow) ..     1941 Edward Harper composer ..     1941 Gene Pitney Hartford CT, rock singer (Town without Pity) ..     1941 Paul Kantner, American musician (Jefferson Airplane) ..     1941 Wang Jin-pyng, Taiwanese politician ..     1942 Dimitris Poulikakos, Greek composer, singer and actor ..     1942 John Wayne Gacy Jr Chicago IL, American serial killer (32 boys) (d. 1994) ..     1942 Paul Kantner rock guitarist (Jefferson Starship-White Rabbit) ..     1942 Sidney K Barthelmy US politician ..     1943 Don Mitchell Houston TX, actor (Mark-Ironside) ..     1944 Cito Gaston American baseball player and manager (Toronto Blue Jays) ..     1944 Danny DeVito Neptune NJ, actor (Louie-Taxi, Twins, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia) ..     1944 John Sebastian New York NY, singer and songwriter (Loving Spoonful, Welcome Back Kotter) ..     1944 Pat McCauley N Ireland, rock drummer (Them) ..     1944 Patti Boyd Somerset, British photographer and model (Mrs George Harrison/Mrs Eric Clapton) AKA Pattie Boyd ..     1945 Elis Regina, Brazilian singer (d. 1982) ..     1945 Katri Helena, Finnish singer ..     1945 Michael Hayden, American Air Force General, Director of the Central Intelligence Agency ..     1945 Paco Gonzalez race horse trainer ..     1946 Harold Brown Long Beach CA, rock drummer (War-Summer, Galaxy) ..     1946 Michael Peter Finnissey composer ..     1947 Ian Gomm rock guitarist ..     1947 James Morrow, American author ..     1947 Jan Andersson, Swedish politician ..     1947 Yury Chernavsky, Russian-born composer and producer ..     1948 Alex MacDonald, Scottish footballer and football manager ..     1948 Fran Byrne rocker ..     1948 Pat Lloyd rocker ..     1948 William [Ford] Gibson Canada, sci-fi author (Neuromancer, Count Zero) ..     1949 Daniel Lavoie, French Canadian singer and songwriter ..     1949 Pat Rice, Northern Irish footballer and football manager ..     1949 Patrick Duffy Townsend MT, actor (Bobby-Dallas, Man from Atlantis) ..     1950 Patrick Adams, American record producer and songwriter ..     1951 Craig Ramsay, Canadian ice hockey player ..     1951 Donald Findlay, Scottish lawyer ..     1951 Kurt Russell Springfeild MA, actor (Thing, Overboard, Mean Seasons) ..     1951 Scott Gorham Irish hard rock guitarist (Thin Lizzy-21 Guns, Jailbreak) ..     1952 Barry Horne, Animal rights activist (d. 2001) ..     1952 Nikos Xydakis, Greek musician and composer ..     1953 Chuck Muncie, American football running back ..     1953 Filemon Lagman, Filipino communist revolutionary (d. 2001) ..     1954 Lesley-Anne Down London, actress (A Little Night Music, Moonraker) ..     1954 Rena Jones rock vocalist ..     1954 Wally Stocker London England, rock vocalist/guitarist (Babys-Missing You) ..     1955 Bill Beyers actor (Wally McCandless-Capitol) ..     1955 Cynthia McKinney, American politician, Presidential candidate, Representative-Democrat-GA ..     1955 Gary Sinise actor (Apollo 13, Forrest Gump) ..     1955 Paul Overstreet Van Cleave MS, country singer (Daddy's Come Around) ..     1956 Patrick McDonnell, American cartoonist ..     1956 Will Rigby rock percussionist (Amy Rigby Diary of a Mad Housewife) ..     1957 Mal Donaghy, Northern Irish footballer ..     1957 Michael Kelly, American journalist (d. 2003) ..     1957 Robin Cousins Bristol England, figure skater (Olympics-gold-1980) ..     1958 Pat Bolland, Canadian Broadcaster ..     1959 Brian Douglas Jones Auckland New Zealand, tornado class yachter (Olympics-96) ..     1959 Christian Clemenson, American actor ..     1959 Danny Ainge, American basketball player and NBA coach (Phoenix Suns) ..     1959 Mike Lindup British rock keyboardist/singer (Level 42-Hot Water) ..     1959 Paul Black, American rock singer ..     1959 Terry Hall (Specials Fun Boy 3) ..     1960 Arye Gross, American actor ..     1960 Lee Ann Michelle Surrey England, playmate (February 1979) ..     1960 Vicki Lewis Cincinnati OH, American actress (Beth-Newsradio) ..     1961 Alexander Bard, Swedish artist, singer (Army Of Lovers), music producer, and philosopher ..     1961 Andrew Paul, English actor ..     1961 Casey Siemaszko Chicago IL, actor (Biloxi Blues, 3 O'Clock High) ..     1961 Dana Reeve, American actress and activist (d. 2006) ..     1961 Sam Bowie, American basketball player ..     1962 Janet Patricia Gardner, Juneau Alaska, rocker (Vixen-Rev It Up) ..     1962 Ank Bijleveld-Schouten, Dutch politician ..     1962 Clare Grogan, Scottish actress-singer (Altered Images-Happy Birthday) ..     1962 Janet Patricia Gardner Juneau AK, rocker (Vixen-Rev It Up) ..     1962 Patrick Thomas Burke Hollywood FL, PGA golfer (1992 BellSouth-6th) ..     1962 Roxy Dora Petrucci Rochester MN, rock drummer (Vixen-Rev It Up) ..     1963 Alex Fong Chung-Sun, Chinese actor ..     1963 Nick Peros, Canadian composer ..     1963 Rebeca Arthur actress (Mary Anne-Perfect Strangers, Opposites Attract) ..     1963 Roger Harper cricketer (Guyana & West Indies off-spinner Extraordinary field) ..     1964 Rob Lowe, American Actor, Charlottesville Va, (St Elmo's Fire, Hotel NH, West Wing, Wayne's World, Parks and Recreations) ..     1964 Alex Shoumidoub NHL goaltender (Belarus, Olympics-98) ..     1964 Don Griffin NFL cornerback (Cleveland Browns) ..     1964 Jacques Songo'o, Cameroonian footballer ..     1964 Lee Dixon, English footballer ..     1964 Ron Warren Jr jockey (Bay Meadows) ..     1965 Caitlin Bilodeaux Boston MA, US fencer (Olympics-92) ..     1965 John Smiley Phoenixville PA, pitcher (Cincinnati Reds) ..     1966 Andrew Hudson cricketer (South Africa, 163 on debut vs West Indies 1992) ..     1966 Jeremy Sheffield, English actor ..     1967 Barry Minkow, American religious leader and ex-convict (fraud) ..     1967 Billy Corgan, American musician (Smashing Pumpkins) ..     1967 Chris Luongo Detroit MI, NHL defenseman (New York Islanders) ..     1967 Kim Cathrein Salinas CA, LPGA golfer (1994 Rochester International-24th) ..     1967 Melissa Allen Portland OR, WPVA volleyballer (Reebok National-13th-1994) ..     1967 Van Conner rocker (Screaming Trees) ..     1968 Judy Mosley McAfee WNBA forward (Sacramento Monarchs) ..     1968 Tyrone Hill NBA forward (Cleveland Cavaliers) ..     1969 Alexander McQueen, British fashion designer (d. 2010) ..     1969 Andrew McMarlin Vienna VA, rower (Olympics-1996) ..     1969 Domenic "Filane" Figliomeni Terrace Bay Ontario, boxer (Olympics-96) ..     1969 Gilbert Schaller Bruck Austria, tennis star ..     1969 Mathew St. Patrick, American actor ..     1969 Patricia Ford, American model ..     1970 Gene Ween, American musician (Ween) ..     1970 Shannan Mitchem Decatur GA, female infielder (Colorado Silver Bullets) ..     1970 Yanic Truesdale, Canadian actor ..     1971 Bill Mueller, American baseball player ..     1971 Katrina Colleton WNBA guard/forward (Los Angeles Sparks) ..     1971 Tommy Thigpen WLAF linebacker (Barcelona Dragons) ..     1972 Marc Gunn, poet, podcaster, and musician (Brobdingnagian Bards) ..     1972 Melissa Auf der Maur, Canadian musician ..     1972 Mia Hamm Selma AL, soccer forward (Olympics-96, US Women's World Cup-99) ..     1973 Amelia Weatherly actress (Stephanie Brewster-Loving/The City) ..     1973 Caroline Corr, Irish singer and musician ..     1973 Jerome Woods, American football player, safety (Kansas City Chiefs) ..     1973 Rico Blanco, Filipino singer (Rivermaya) ..     1973 Vance Wilson, American baseball player ..     1974 Eric Lane running back (New York Giants) ..     1974 John Hall kicker (New York Jets) ..     1974 Marisa Coughlan, American actress ..     1974 Mark Dolan, British TV show host ..     1974 Oliver Palotai, German keyboard player (Doro) ..     1975 Andrew "Test" Martin, Canadian wrestler (d. 2009) ..     1975 Gina Holden, Canadian actress ..     1975 Justin Hawkins, British singer (The Darkness) ..     1975 Mason Jennings, American folksinger ..     1975 Natalie Zea, American actress ..     1975 Puneet Rajkumar, Indian (Kannada) actor, singer and director ..     1976 Brittany Daniel, American actress ..     1976 Cynthia Daniel, American actress and photographer ..     1976 Scott Downs, American baseball player ..     1976 Stephen Gately, Irish singer, musician, and actor, Dublin Ireland (Boyzone) (d. 2009) ..     1976 Álvaro Recoba, Uruguayan footballer ..     1977 Hadeel Abol-Naga Miss Egypt-Universe (1996) ..     1977 Iveta Jankularova Miss Slovak Republic-Universe (1996) ..     1978 Adam Jennings, British actor, producer and director ..     1979 Samoa Joe, Samoan professional wrestler ..     1979 Andrew Ference, Canadian ice hockey player ..     1979 Nicole "Coco" Austin, American glamor model ..     1979 Sharman Joshi, Indian actor ..     1979 Stormy Daniels, American pornographic actress ..     1980 Danny Califf, American soccer player ..     1981 Aaron Baddeley, Australian golfer ..     1981 Kyle Korver, American basketball player ..     1981 Servet Çetin, Turkish football player ..     1982 Steven Pienaar, South African Footballer ..     1985 Vassiliki Arvaniti, Greek beach volleyball player ..     1986 Edin Džeko, Bosnian Footballer ..     1986 Miles Kane, British musician ..     1986 Olesya Rulin, American actress ..     1987 Bobby Ryan, American ice hockey player ..     1987 Krisnan Inu, New Zealand rugby player ..     1987 Ryan Parent, Canadian hockey player.
 PADDY's WHISKEY OF THE DAY   ..     The Irishman Single Malt Irish Whiskey,   Priced at approximately $40 per bottle.                  FAMOUS DEATHS ON MARCH 17th   ..           (45 BC) Titus Labienus, Roman leader ..     180 Antonius Marcus Aurelius [Marcus Verus], Emperor of Rome (b. 121) ..     460 Saint Patrick, patron saint of Ireland (b. 387) - or - ..     461 St Patrick patron St of Ireland, dies in Saul (according to legend) ..     0659 Gertrudis van Nijvel saint/patron of travellers, dies at about 32 ..     1040 Harold Harefoot (Harold I), King of England (1035-40) ..     1058 King Lulach I of Scotland (b. 1030) ..     1199 Jocelin, bishop of Glasgow ..     1272 Emperor Go-Saga of Japan (b. 1220) ..     1425 Ashikaga Yoshikazu, Japanese shogun (b. 1407) ..     1516 Giuliano de' Medici monarch of Florence, dies at 37 (b. 1478) ..     1565 Alexander Alesius [Aless/Alane], Scottish theologist and physician ..     1588 Petrus Dathenus Flemish minister/physician (Psalms of David) ..     1605 Pieter Bast [Bastius], Dutch engraver/cartographer, ..     1640 Philip Massinger, English dramatist (b. 1583) ..     1649 Gabriel Lallemant, French Jesuit missionary, one of the Canadian Martyrs (b. 1610) ..     1649 Gerardus Johannis Vossius [Gerrit Vos], Dutch regent ..     1653 Johan van Galen, Admiral, died in the battle of Livorno ..     1680 François de La Rochefoucauld, French writer (b. 1613) ..     1704 Menno baron van Coehoorn Dutch military engineer/Coevorden/howitzer, dies at 63 (b. 1641) ..     1713 Juraj Jánošík, famous Slovak outlaw (b. 1688) ..     1715 Gilbert Burnet, Scottish Bishop of Salisbury (b. 1643) ..     1741 Jean-Baptiste Rousseau, French poet (b. 1671) ..     1764 George Parker, 2nd Earl of Macclesfield, English astronomer ..     1782 Daniel Bernoulli, Dutch-born mathematician (b. 1700) ..     1796 Pieter Paulus lawyer/Dutch CEO (National Convention) ..     1801 Juan de Sesse y Balaguer composer ..     1803 Candido Jose Ruano composer ..     1806 David Dale industrialist & philanthropist ..     1830 Laurent, Marquis de Gouvion Saint-Cyr, French marshal (b. 1764) ..     1846 Friedrich W Bessel, German mathematician and astronomer (Bessel Functions), dies at 61 (b. 1784) ..     1849 Willem II Frederik GL King of Netherlands (1840-49), dies at 56 (b. 1792) ..     1853 Christian Doppler, Austrian physician and mathematician (b. 1803) ..     1855 Ramon Carnicer y Batlle composer ..     1857 Adolph Trube composer ..     1861 Petter Conrad Boman composer ..     1862 Fromental Halevy [Elie Levy], French opera composer ..     1863 John Pelham US Confederate artillery major, dies in battle ..     1864 Alexandre Calamo Swiss painter/etcher/lithographer, dies at 53 ..     1871 Robert Chambers, Scottish naturalist (b. 1802) ..     1875 Ferdinand Laub, Czech violinist (b. 1832) ..     1889 Joseph A Alberdingk Thijm (Pauwels Foreestier) ..     1891 Napoleon JKP Bonaparte Fren prince/member National Convention ..     1893 Jules Ferry, French statesman (b. 1832) ..     1898 Blanche Kelso Bruce, (Sen-Miss, 1875-1881), dies at 57, in Washington DC, USA ..     1901 Franz Melde German physicist (Melde Test) ..     1902 George William Warren composer ..     1906 Carlos Calvo Argentina diplomat (Calvo Clause) ..     1910 Joaquin Valverde composer ..     1912 Lawrence Oates, English army officer and Antarctic explorer (b. 1880) ..     1915 Walter Crane English painter/cartoonist/illustrator ..     1917 Franz Brentano, German philosopher and psychologist (b. 1838) ..     1926 Aleksei Brusilov, Russian general (b. 1853) ..     1927 James Scott Skinner composer ..     1933 Ferdinand Von Alten actor (Champagne) ..     1937 Austen Chamberlain, English statesman, recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize (b. 1863) ..     1941 Isaak Emmanuilovich Babel Russian writer (Crvena Konjica), executed ..     1941 Joachim Schepke German commandant (U-100), dies in battle ..     1941 Marguerite Nichols, American actress (b. 1895) ..     1946 Dai Li, Chinese spymaster (b. 1897) ..     1949 Aleksandra Ekster, Russian painter (b. 1882) ..     1949 Felix Bressart actor (Escape, Ninotchka, Iceland) ..     1953 Conrado del Campo y Zabaleta composer ..     1954 Victor Rousseau Belgian sculptor ..     1956 Fred Allen, American actor and comedian(Colgate Comedy Hour, Fred Allen Radio Show)  (b. 1894) ..     1956 Irene Joliot-Curie, French physicist, Nobel laureate (b. 1897) ..     1957 Ramon Magsaysay, President of the Philippines (b. 1907) ..     1959 Raffaele d' Alessandro composer, dies on 48th birthday ..     1961 Suzanna Salter, American politician1st US female mayor/temperance leader, dies at 101  (b. 1860) ..     1962 Frank Orth actor (Boston Blackie, The Brothers) ..     1962 Pat Clayton, British surveyor and explorer (b. 1896) ..     1963 William Henry Squire composer, dies at 91 ..     1965 Almos Alonzo Stagg, American football coach (University of Chicago), dies in California at 102  (b. 1862) ..     1965 Quentin Reynolds newscaster (Its News to Me)/author (FBI) ..     1966 Walter Lang, composer ..     1967 Frank Wisbar director (Fireside Theater) ..     1967 Richard Reeves actor (Murph-Date With an Angel) ..     1970 Fernand Crommelynck Belgian playwright (Chaud et Frois) ..     1971 Ernst Bachmeister, writer ..     1972 Manny Martindale, cricketer (10 Tests for West Indies, 34 wickets) ..     1973 Geertruida M W "Truus" Bakker, Dutch actress (2 Orphans) ..     1974 Carroll Nye, actress (Lawless Woman) ..     1974 Louis I Kahn, Estonia/US architect ..     1976 Luchino Visconti di Modrone Italian Director (Terra Diaeresis) ..     1978 George Dickinson cricketer (8 wickets in 3 Tests for New Zealand) ..     1979 Merv Inverarity cricketer (father of John WA player 1925-40) ..     1980 Rudolf G Escher Dutch composer (Vrai Visage de la Paix) ..     1981 Paul Dean, American baseball player (b. 1913) ..     1982 Hans ter Laag Dutch sound technician, murdered in El Salvador ..     1982 Jan Kuiper Dutch news editor (IKON), murdered in El Salvador ..     1982 Joop Willemsen Dutch cameraman, murdered in El Salvador ..     1982 Koos Koster Dutch newscaster (IKON), murdered in El Salvador ..     1983 Haldan Keffer Hartline, American physiologist, Nobel laureate (b. 1903) ..     1985 Dattu Phadkar cricketer (Indian all-rounder, 31 Tests 1947-58) ..     1986 Hal Buckley actor (John Quincy-OK Crackerby) ..     1987 Santo Trafficante, Jr., American gangster (b. 1914) ..     1988 Nikolas Asimos, Greek counter-culture composer and singer (b. 1949) ..     1988 Reg Sinfield cricketer (one Test for England vs Australia 1938) ..     1989 Merritt Butrick, American actor (b. 1959) (Shy People, Wired to Kill), dies of AIDS ..     1990 Germaine Capucine, French actress (Rendez-Vous de Juillet, Curse of the Pink Panther), commits suicide in Lausanne Switzerland  (b. 1931) ..     1990 Marí Mejía Guatemalian feminist, murdered ..     1990 Rick Grech, British bass player rocker (Blind Faith, Traffic),(b. 1946) ..     1992 Charles Rea British actor (Ipcress File) ..     1992 George Lovi US columnist (Sky & Telescope's "Ramblings") ..     1992 Grace Stafford Lantz, American actress and cartoon voice (Woody Woodpecker), (b. 1903) ..     1992 Jack Arnold actor/director (Sid Caeser Special, Emmy 1967) ..     1993 Helen Hayes, American actress (b. 1900) ..     1993 Helen Hayes actress (Airport), dies of congestive heart failure at 92 ..     1993 Laadi Flici Algerian MP, murdered ..     1993 Skip Young actor (Smokey & Hotwire Gang) ..     1994 Arthur C Jacobs poet, dies at 57 ..     1994 Harold Myers film journalist, dies at 81 ..     1994 Mai Zetterling Swedish actress and director (Night is My Future), dies of cancer. (b. 1925) ..     1994 Walter Janka German writer (Troubles with Truth) ..     1995 Ahmad Khomeini youngest son of Iran ayatollah Khomeini, ..     1995 Donald Baverstock television Producer ..     1995 Marcus Jan Adriani biologist/director (Weevers' Duin) ..     1995 Rick Aviles, American actor US comic/actor (Ghost), dies of AIDS (b. 1952) ..     1995 Ronnie Kray English gangster (The Firm) ..     1995 Sunnyland Smart jazz/blues singer/pianist (Delta Blues) ..     1996 Bela Szigeti theoretical physicist ..     1996 Kenneth Jameson art educationalist ..     1996 Rene Clement, French film director and screenwriter (b. 1913) ..     1996 Terry Stafford, American singer (b. 1941) ..     1996 Thomas Enders diplomat ..     1997 Gail Davis actress (Annie Oakley) ..     1997 Jermaine Stewart, American singer (b. 1957) ..     1999 Ernest Gold, Austrian composer (b. 1921) ..     1999 Rod Hull, British comedian (b. 1936) ..     2002 Pat Weaver, American broadcast executive (b. 1908) ..     2002 Rosetta LeNoire, American actress (b. 1911)) ..     2003 Su Buqing, Chinese mathematician and educator (b. 1902) ..     2004 J. J. Jackson, American television personality (b. 1941) ..     2004 Rachel Hudson, British murder victim (b. 1984) ..     2005 Andre Norton, American writer (b. 1912) ..     2005 George F. Kennan, American Cold War strategist and historian (b. 1904) ..     2006 Bob Blue, American singer/songwriter (b. 1948) ..     2006 Bob Papenbrook, American voice actor (b. 1955) ..     2006 Oleg Cassini, American fashion designer (b. 1913) ..     2006 Ray Meyer, American basketball coach (b. 1913) ..     2007 Jim Cronin, Animal welfare campaigner and founder of Monkey World in Dorset, England. (b. 1951) ..     2007 Roger Bennett, American Southern Gospel performer (b. 1959) ..     2007 John Backus, American computer scientist (b. 1924) ..     2008 Roland Arnall, United States Ambassador to the Netherlands (b. 1939) ..     2009 Clodovil Hernandes, Brazilian politician and TV host (b. 1937) ..     2010 Alex Chilton, American musician (b. 1950) ..     2010 Charlie Gillett, British musicologist and radio presenter (b. 1942) ..     2011 Michael Gough, British actor (b. 1916).