JEFF's DAYS OFF    Actual and *Projected, including PARTY DAY'S and Potential Party Days     (days of the week in parentheses)      March 3rd(m) and March 4th(tu)       March 11th(tu) and March 12th(w)       MARCH 17TH(m) , March 18th(tu), and March 19th(w)       March 27th(th), March 28th(f), March 29th(sa), and March 30th(su)       April 2nd(w)  and April 3rd(th)       *April 10th(th) and *April 11th(f)       *April 17th(th) and *April 18th(f)       *April 25th(f) and *April 26th(sa)       *May 2nd(f) and *May 3rd(sa) and *May 4th(su)       *May 10th(sa) and *May 11th(su)       *May 17th(sa), *May 18th(su), and *May 19th(m)       *May 25th(su) and *May 26h(m)       *June 2nd(m) and *June 3rd(tu)       *June 9th(m) and *June 10th(tu)       *June 17th(tu) and *June 18th (w)       *June 24th(tu) and *June 25th (w)       *July 2nd(w) and *July 3rd(th)       *July 9th(w) and *July 10th(th)       *July 17th(th) and *July 18th(f)       *July 24th(th) and *July 25th(f)       *August 1st(f) and *August 2nd(sa)       *August 8th(f) and *August 9th(sa)       *August 16th(sa) and *August 17th(su)       *August 23rd(sa) and *August 24th(su)       *August 31st(su) and *September 1st(m)       *September 7th(su) and *September 8th(m)       SEPTEMBER 12th(f) and SEPTEMBER 13th(sa)       *September 15th(m) and *September 16th(tu)       *September 22nd(m) and *September 23rd(tu)       *September 30th(tu) and *October 1st(w)       *October 7th(tu) and *October 8th(w)       *October 15th(w) and *October 16th(th)       *October 22nd(w) and *October 23rd(th)       *October 30th(th) and *October31st(f)       *November 6th(th) and *November 7th(f)       *November 14th(f) and *November 7th(sa)       *November 21st(f) and *November 22nd(sa)       *November 29th(sa) and *November 30th(su)       *December 6th(sa), *December 7th(su), and *December 8th(m)       *December 14th(su) and *December 15th(m)        *December 22nd(m) and *December 23rd(tu)        *December 29th(m), *December 30th(tu), and DECEMBER 31st(w)                                       NEED HELP?    .. To change the Channel, activate the drop-down menu by hovering over the MENU icon in the top-right of the screeen. The current channel is highlighted as well as the channel you are hovering over. Sometimes if you are on a certain channel there may be additional options, For example, the Upload TV Channel has additional options    Possum TV      Possum TV is a rotation of pics of the day. Every now and then a "game pic" will be displayed. These are white and will have text (like "Buffalo") displayed at the top enclosed in a box. If this text is red, you must say it, if it is black, you must do an action. Below the box of text is the description of what is to be done and/or what is to be drank. Sometimes the cards and/or dice at the bottom of the "game pic" are utilized, or you may create your own drinking game with them. Each card position has an equal probability of being any particular card, and has an equal chance of being higher or lower than the other two. Each die has an equal probibility of being any particular face value and an equal chance of being higher or lower than the other die. In simple terms, it like using a real deck of cards and real die. Sometimes the "game pic" will involve a rule that "ends at the next possum sighting". A possum sighting is a red pic that says POSSUM SIGHTING on the top and bottom in white. This is usually a Toast, Quote, Joke. or News of the day this usually signifies the end of many "rules" created by the game pics. Some may choose to 'cheers' and take a drink when a possum sighting occurs.    Upload TV      Upload TV is a rotation of the most recently uploaded pics. People may upload their own pics or text by using the dropdown options in a second drop-down menu that appears when hovering over the Upload TV option (only when on the Upload TV channel.    Shop TV      Shop TV is a rotation of pics that may be purchased as Posters, Signs, T-Shirts or more by clicking on the pic. Hovering over the pic usually displays the price and description of the item.    Music Videos Channel      The Music Videos Channel is music videos 24/7.    Fail Channel      The Fail Channel is Fail and Win videos 24/7.    Trippy Channel      The Trippy Channel is trippy videos and music 24/7.    Bad-Ass Channel      The Bad-Ass Channel is videos of amazing and feats by bad-ass people 24/7.    Scary Channel      The Scary Channel is Extremely scary videos 24/7. Seriously, these are scary.