Bachelorette Party 

Also Known as a Hen Party, It is a party held for a woman shortly before she enters marriage, to celebrate her "last night of freedom" and spend time with her female friends, who are often at her wedding. A bachelorette party is usually planned by the maid or matron of honor or other friends of the bride, occasionally, with the assistance of professionals. 

Bachelorette Partys often  have sexual and drinking themes sometimes involving strippers, sex toys
trading intimate secrets, and cocktails.  Alternatives include luncheons, spa days, cooking classes, shopping day, club night, theme games, or other group activities.

A bridal shower party is the presenting of small gifts to the bride-to-be, for the convenience of the bride-to-be, bridal showers are usually held earlier than a bachelorette parties.

A "stag and doe party" or  "Jack and Jill", "buck and doe" or "hag" party, is a similar party that includes both the bride and her friends and the groom and his friends.  It may combine aspects of a drinking game and is often themed (Pirates, 80s, Mafia, Pimps n Ho's,


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