3 Parts Gin
1 Part Dry Vermouth

Martini (Stirred Version)

4 to 6 cubes (cracked) Ice
3 parts Gin
1 part Dry Vermouth
1 olive

Put ice cubes into mixing Glass.
Pour Gin and Vermouth over ice and stir well to mix.
Strain into Cocktail Glass and decorate With olive.
- Common Variations: Gibson, Vadka Martini, Tequini, Dry Martini, Saketini.

"The Martini is the only American invention as perfect as the sonnet".
- H(enry) L(ouis) Mencken (September 12th, 1880 – January 29th, 1956)

"The Martini is the elixir of quietude"
- E(lwyn) B(rooks) White (July 11th, 1899 – October 1st, 1985), an American writer.

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