Zoom, Shwartz, Profilgliano

4+ (6-8 preferred)

Also Known As..

Zip Zap Boing, Wuss Douchebag F*cker



Intoxication Level

Medium - High


Figliano is a game where a player who fouls must take a drink start the next round. The games can have as few commands as the basic "Zoom", "Schwartz" and "Profigliano", but some variations have as many as fifteen commands.  Players begin in a Circle.


The starting player has the imaginary "zork". The "Zork" is essentially who's turn it is. So passing the "Zork" is really making it someone else's turn. the Zork is passed by three different words "Zoom" "Shwartz" and "Profigliano" (which is actually spoken as "Figliano").

Zoom passes the 'zork' to the person the speaking player looks at. It is a foul to say zoom back to a player that said zoom to you.  It is a foul to look away when saying Zoom.
Schwartz passes the 'zork' back to the person currently being engaged with. It is a foul to look away when saying schwartz.

Figliano is a no-look or look pass back to the person who passed the zork.  It is a foul to look at the person who just passed the zork when saying Figliano.

If a player comits a foul, they must drink and restart with "Zoom"

The Starting Player must begin with Zoom,
It is a foul to point at anyone at anytime.
Players may not interact or speak with anyone outside the game.
Players May not speak other than the approved words "Zoom", "Shwartz", "Profilgliano" and any other phrases approved before the game begins.
Other common approved phases are...
"Pointing, comsume and start" when a player catches another player pointing.
"Sh*t in your Mouth, consume and start" When a player cathces another player speaking when they do not have the "zork" (when it is not their turn)
"Sh*t in your Eye, consume and start" When a player cathces another player looking the wrong direction when passing the "zork" (looking away from the target when saying "Zoom" or "Shwartz", or looking at the target when saying "Figliano")
"Too Much Time, Consume and Start" When a player catches another player taking too much time to repond when it is their turn.

The game is over when too many players have given up to play.

No Drink Drank or Drunk (Variation A)

Players may not at anytime say Drink, Drank, Drunk, or any form of the words or they must consume and restart.

Way Too Much Time Rule (Variation B)

If a Player is taking too long to repond, another player may say "Too Much Time" and the player must consume and restart. Some play that if the accused player responds before the accuser can complete the statement "Too Much Time", then the accuser must consume and start. If the accuser is able to say "Way, Too Much time" before the accused can reapond, the accused must drink two. The accused must drink one drink for every "Way" the accuser can add to the beginning of "Too Much Time".  A player who has lost track of the "zork" (does not know it is their turn) may drink a considerable amount if another player notices and exploits the "Way Too Much Time Rule"

 With Pointing (Variation C)

Some play that a Zoom Passes the 'zork' to the person being pointed at.  Schwartz Passes the 'zork' to the person opposite the one being pointed at.  (Most play that pointing is not allowed anytime).
Mifigliano—Passes the 'zork' to the person the active player points to.

Neighbor Rules (Variation D)

Only someone directly to the active player's right or left can be 'zoomed'.
Only someone directly to the active player's right or left can be 'schwartzed'.
Only someone not directly to your right or left can be called with 'mifigliano'.

No Dice (Variation E) 

No Dice passes the 'zork' back to the person. One may not say no dice if there have been two "no dices" in a row just previously and one can not "no dice" who has just been "no diced" twice in a row..

Wuss, Douchebag, F*cker (Variation E)

Same Rules except Wuss instead of Zoom, Douchebag instead of Shwartz, and F*cker instead of Figliano.

Zip, Zap, Boing (Variation F)

Same Rules except Zip instead of Zoom, Zap instead of Shwartz, and Boing instead of Figliano.

Remier League (Variation G)

A vastly more complicated game called 'Remier League can include up to seven games in one, one of which is called "Zoom" and is similar to Figliano. Any combination of the seven games can be announced by the chairman. There are eleven universal rules, as well as a prohibition against explaining rules.

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