Also Known as...

Wizard, Wizard Staff


Cans of Beer, Duct Tape

Intoxication Level

Very High


Players Start with plenty of Cans of Beer and Duct Tape.


Players (Wizasrds) drink cans of beer, each players empty is taped to the last forming a "staff".  Some refer to the cans as levels. For Example: if a Player has 6 cans duct taped to gether in his staff, then he/she is a 6th level wizard.
Players with longer staffs are able to order (cast a spell on) players with shorter staffs to do what they wish.
The game ends when all Wizards but one give up.

Duels (Variation A)

At any time one player may declare "Duel!" or "You shall not Pass!" to another Player. This is a challenge to Duel in which both players hit their staffs together until one breaks.  The player may not tape the cans back on the staff.

Demons (Variation B)

Some play that at Wizard levels (cans) 3, 6, and 9, Players must "Slay a Demon/Dragon" or "Defeat a Boss", meaning they must take a shot of liquor.

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