Also Known as...

The Tower

Similar to...

Beer Pyramid

3+ (4+ Preferred)

1 die, 4 cardboard beer coasters, 1 Twelve ounce beer glass, 1 white wine glass, 1 tom collins glass, 1 Whiskey Glass, and 1 shot glass.

Intoxication Level

Low to High


The five glasses are filled, beer in the beer glass, wine in the wine glass, mixed drinks in the Tom colins and Whiskey Glasses, and a shot (straight, mixed, or schnapps) in the shot glass.

A Tower is Constructed from the drinks by placing a cardboard beer coaster between glasses of (in order from bottom to top) 12 oz beer, glass of white wine, tall mixed drink, small mixed drink, shot (straight or mixed).

Players choose who rolls first rolling the dice once each, the player with the highest number goes first.


Players roll a die in turn. If a player does not roll a six the die is passed to their left. The first to roll a 6 must drink the shot, Play does not resume until the drink is completely drank.  The next to get a 6 removes the coaster that was under it.  The next 6 drinks the small drink, the next 6 removes the coaster. Play continues in this way until only the beer remains.
The person who rolls the first 6 when only the beer remains must pass the die and drink the beer before another player rolls a 6.

When done in a bar, The beer-drinker must pay for the whole tower if a person rolls a 6 before they finish the beer.  If the beer drinker finishes first, then the next person to roll a 6 (the beer drinker is exempt) pays.

When not in a bar, house rules determine appropriate penalties.

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