Tour de Drunk

Also Known as...

Drunken Moto

Similar to...



Booze, Kid's Bikes, Obsticles, Table

Intoxication Level

Medium to High


A small circular course is made with as many obsticles as possible and a table near the starting line.  The game can be played with shots or cups of beer which are placed on the table. One for each player per laps in the race.  The amount of laps is to be determined before the race begins.


All players start at the same time by taking a shot or pounding a beer. One the shot or beer is completely gone they race one lap around the track. When a player reaches the starting line again, they must stop and do another shot or pound another beer.  The player continues this process until all laps are complete. The first player to finish wins. players must ride the bikes at all times, no walking or running.

The Judge (Variation A)

A Judge, not in the race, is determined beforehand. The Judge may order a player off the track for increments of 30 seconds depending on the severity of the violation (i.e. pushing or pulling another player, spilling beer, walking or running.

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