Three Man



Also Known As..

Mr. Three, Hat Man, 3-Man


2 Dice, Booze, Playing Table

Intoxication Level

Medium - High


The game can be played with a larger group (4-15) of people than other drinking games and does not require a great deal of participation from the players who are not directly involved in the current dice roll.  There is no "official" set of rules, and certain rules may vary from region to region and house to house, like in many games the "house rules" are shared prior to play.  Everyone sits in a circle. The first round is to determine the Three Man. This is done by each player rolling a die in turn. The first to roll a three becomes the Three Man.


The player to the left of the Three Man goes first The player then rolls both dice and acts according to the following combinations:
1,1  Doubles*
1,2  Automatic Three Man, or Three man passes die (sum to 3)
1,3  Three man drinks (three on die)
1,4  Thumb to table or floor (playing surface), the last player to perform that action receiving one penalty drink.***
1,5  Index finger to side of nose, the last player to perform that action receiving one penalty drink.***
1,6  Player to left of roller drinks (7 left/11 right)
2,2  Doubles*
2,3  Three man drinks (three on die)
2,4  Pass turn**
2,5  Player to left of roller drinks (7 left/11 right)
2,6  Pass turn**
3,3  Doubles*, Three man drinks twice
3,4  Three man drinks; player to left of roller drinks
3,5  Three man drinks
3,6  Three man drinks; Social (Everybody drinks)
4,4  Doubles*
4,5  Social (Everybody drinks)
4,6  Pass turn**
5,5  Doubles*
5,6  Player to right of roller drinks (7 left/11 right)
6,6  Doubles*

* Doubles: If the player rolls doubles, there is a "roll off."  The roller has the option of giving both dice to one player or one dice to two players. Whatever the case, the dice are rolled and the number on the dice is what that person(s) have to drink.
For example, if Scotty gives the dice to Patty and Mel. Paddy rolls a 3 and Mel rolls a five, Paddy drinks 3, Mel drinks 5. Or Paddy gets both both dice and rolls a 3:5, Paddy then drinks 8. However, if Paddy rolls doubles (Or Paddy and Mel Roll doubles), Scotty must roll doubles or drink double what he rolls. If Scotty does roll doubles (this would be three doubles in a row) he gives them back and now quadruple drinks are at stake. This continues until the streak of doubles ends (I have had to drink 6 times the value of the die before).  Normal play resumes and the original roller (Scotty in the example) rolls again.

** As you can see, the only way to pass the die is to roll a 2,4 or 2,6 or 4,6.

Play continues in a clockwise direction (away from Three Man). 
If the Three Man rolls a two and a one, they are no longer the Three Man and then can designate any other player as the new Three Man.

*** With 1,4 and 1,5; The last player to perform the required action receives one penalty drink.  In many cases the action is done quietly with players trying to avoid letting the other players know what must be done until only one person is left who has not performed the required action. The silence of the other players will often signal to those not paying attention that something must be done, resulting in a rush to avoid being last. Sometimes a player may reach for their ear but switch to touch the table (or vice-versa) in an attempt to fool a player who is not paying complete attention.  
For a quick reference..

Total of 7 - player to right of roller drinks
Total of 11- left
Total of 9 - Social
Any 3  - Three man drinks
Sum to 3 - Automatic Three Man or Three Man No More (if Three Man is the Roller)
1 and 4 - thumb on floor
1 and 5 - finger on nose
Doubles - give away

Variation A (Sloppy Dice - Automatic Three Man)

Some play that, a player who rolls one or more dice of the table is automaticly three man and the player to the left (after three man clockwise) begins.

Variation B (Three Man easy out)

In this variation, If the Three Man rolls a three or combination there of, they are no longer the Three Man and then can designate any other player as the new Three Man. (This also includes if the Three Man rolls during a doubles give). If this variation is not in Play it is usually called "Three Man the Hard Way".

Variation C (Three-Man Hat)

Similar to the Game Asshole, May people play that the Three Man should have to were some sort of Strange hat, Dunce Cap, or Helmut (usually an empty 12 pak with handle holes for eyes).  The hat of course is passed to the new Three Man when it changes.

Variation D Snake-Eyes Rule

Some play that any player may make a rule after they roll and prior to handing out double ones. Usually the player can not make a rule if they forgot to do so prior to handing out the die.  A common rule in Three Man is the "Green Man" rule, in which all players must remember to take the imaginary plastic green soldier off their respective drinks prior to starting drinking. After the round of drinking is done, players must return the "Green Man" to his resting place. Failing to do so results in another drink.

Variation D  (5 Right, 7 Left)

Many of the designated actions for rolling numbers can vary greatly.
One common variation is If the player rolls a total of 5 (instead of 7), the player to the right (behind them) has to take a drink, and if the player rolls an 7 (intead of 11), the person left (ahead of them) drinks.

Variation E (5 To The Sky)

Many play that if a player rolls a 1 and a 5 all players must raise their hands, the last do do so must drink. 

Variation F  (Drink the Difference)

In this variation in a roll off, the player who rolled doubles choses two other players and hands each one a die,  The players then roll. The player who rolls the lower number must "drink the difference".
For example, if Mel rolls a five and Paddy rolls a one, then both Mel and Paddy must take 4 drinks (5-1=4 drinks).
- Some play that only the player who rolled lower (Paddy in the exampla) must drink.

Variation O Only Ones

In this variation all actions occur only when a 1 is rolled, otherwise the dice is passed
For example..
A 1 and a 1 is doubles, which allows for a roll-off or passing of dice.
A 1 and a 2 turns the roller into the three man.
A 1 and a 3 forces the 3 man to drink.
A 1 and a 4 players touch their nose, the last player to perform that action receiving one penalty drink.*
A 1 and a 5 players must hold their earlobe, the last player to perform that action receiving one penalty drink.*
A 1 and a 6 players must place a thumb on the table, the last player to perform that action receiving one penalty drink.*
* house rules for 4,5,6 can vary greatly.

If no 1 is rolled, the dice is passed on.

Variation M (Drink for Your Mistakes)

An additional variation penalizes players for performing the wrong action, like touching their nose when they should grab their earlobe. Usually these players must drink double.

Variation Q (Quick Game)

Some play that the dice are passed clockwise after each turn and play continues until a roll occurs where nobody drinks.

Variation R  (Three Man's Rule)

Some play that the The Three-man may make a rule that is in-play while they are Three Man (Thumb Master, Green Man, No Saying Numbers, No saying Drink/Drunk/Drank, No Cussing, no Pointing, no Saying Names ect.)

Variation S  (Simple Doubles)

In this variation, doubles are not handed out.  Doubles allow the roller to give out a number of drinks. For example, if double 4s were rolled, the roller would give out four drinks.

Variation T  (Simple Doubles - Suicide Option)

In this variation, the (Variation I) Simple Doubles rules are applied with an option for "suicide" where the roller has the option of drinking the value of one of the die in return for the ability to give out the value of both. For Example, if a double 4 was rolled, The roller may either give out 4 drinks or drink four and give out eight.

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