Suck and Blow



Players of both sexes (depending on sexual preference), index card or sheet of paper, Booze

Intoxication Level



All players gather in a circle, generally male, female, male, female. One player has the index card or sheet of paper.


The starting player places against their lips, sucking in to keep it on their lips, then putting their card/lips close to the person on either side and blowing the card to another player. That person takes the card by sucking on it and attempts to pass it to the next person.  Players must only use air pressure to pass the card, never touching the card with their hands.

If the card is dropped during the exchange, both players involved must take a drink, one one player begins again.

Card Shrinking (Variation A)

Some play that after a card is dropped, it is torn in half, and then the game resumes. As this continues, there becomes more lips involved in the exchange than actual card.

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