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Nails, Hammerschlagen


1 Hammer, 1 Tree stump or flat portion of tree trunk, 1 nail per player per round, at least 2.5" long (4"long or larger preferred), Booze

Intoxication Level



One nail is hammered into the top surface of the stump for each player. The nails should be hammered into the stump straight and hammerd in just far enough that they are sturdy and will not fling out if they are hit at an angle (about an inch and a half). The nails should be spread apart evenly in a circle around the surface of the stump.

Each player "claims" a nail by placing his or her finger on the nail in front of them


Each player must have a beer in one hand at all times.

Each player, in turn, shall toss the hammer such that it makes at least one full 360-degree rotation before he touches it again. The Player may then take one swing at another player's nail.

A regular backflip is one strike at an oponent's nail
A backflip from under a leg is two strikes at an oponent's nail, stikes may be at different nails.
A flip behind one's back and a catch with the same hand is three strikes, stikes may be at different nails.
A flip from behind the back and over one's own shoulder is four strikes, stikes may be at different nails.

If a player succeeds in striking an opponent's nail, and the nail becomes visibly shorter or bent, the opponent must drink an amount proportionate to the damage inflicted. 

If a nail becomes bent and more difficult to drive in, it is to be straigtened (sort of a time out for maintenence). Many play that the player does not have to have a beer in their hand to do this.

If a player drops the hammer during the toss (a spaz), the player must then take a sip from his own beer and pass the hammer to the next player.

If a player is caught without a beer in their hand, they must drink. If it is the players turn to throw and they do not have a beer in their hand, they must drink and they lose their turn.

A player is eliminated from the game (and thereby takes no more turns) once any part of the head of his nail passes below the level of the surface of the stump (including bending over the edge of the stump without actually entering it). This can be tested by running a finger over the nail and feeling, or trying to put a fingernail under the

The winner is the last player whose nail remains standing. It is common for the winner to assume the honor of preparing the stump for the next game.

They game has been featured on Late Night with Jimmy Falon

One Motion (Variation A)

Some play that the Player must catch the hammer and hit an oponent's nail in one motion (no cocking, aiming, or adjusting grip). Usually simple flips are used in this variation and there are no multi-swing tosses (tricks). Although some add additional drinking penalties to the victim for trick throws. Some play that the number of sips should be a direct reflection of the victim's respect for the Trick or showmanship.

Sparks (Variation B)

Some play that if any player sees sparks resulting from the hammer striking a nail, it is a Social. Every player must take a sip from his own beer. The common announcement one makes when he sees sparks is "Sparks!"

 God's Choice (Variation C)

Some play that if a player drops the hammer during the toss, and the hammer comes to rest directly on top of the stump, the person in the direction the handle of the hammer is pointing must chug his entire beer. The toss is still considered a Spazz, and the player who tossed must take a sip from his own beer.

Home Improvement (Variation D)

Some play that if a player's nail should become bent during the game, only the player themselves, during their turn only, may fix their own nail. This process is called .

Resurection (Variation E) 

Some play that an eliminated player can be resurrected if another player strikes the nail, regardless of intent, in such a way that the head of the nail emerges from the surface of the stump. The resurrected player will re-enter the game in the same rotation pattern as before elimination.

Go to Bed (Variation F)

Some play that if a player sinks their own nail, they eliminated from the game and must go to bed because they are too drunk, for no less than 1 hour. "Going to bed" means that they are to lie in a bed for 1 hour. If they are still awake after this hour they may then rejoin the game.

FireStump a.k.a. FireNails (Variation G)

Some begin each game by lighting the stump on fire.

Other alternative Rules

If a players nail is hit, they drink.
If a player misses a nail, they drink.
If a Players nail is sunk, they must finish their drink.
If a player hurts or injures themselves in any way, they drink.

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