Stripes and Solids



8-Ball Billiards Table, Booze

Intoxication Level



This game is a variant on just plain 8 ball. However, the set up is quite different. All of the solid balls are placed in a cluster over the dot as displayed below (The 8 ball is over the dot)

                           1    8    2
                           3   6    4

The Stripes are placed along the walls one in the center of the back wall below the cluster of solid balls, one more half way between the near left pocket and the left side pocket. one more between the near left pocket and the ball just placed on the left side wall. One more between the Left side Pocket and the Ball in the center of the left side wall. Three more on the right side wall placed oposite the three on the left side wall

          CENTER LINE
 (  ------------------  )
 |                                         |  
 |*                                     *|
 |                    7                   |
 |*              1  8 2              *|  
 |                3 6 4                |  
 |*                 5                  *|       * = striped ball
 |                                         |


If a player sinks a solid ball, the player may give out drinks equal to the the number of the ball. If a player sinks a stripe, the player must drink amount of drinks equal to the number of the ball. If a Player Makes the white ball, they must finish their drink.
When only one

When all of the stripes have been sunk, the game is over.

Until that point, whenever there is only one solid left on the table, all the other solids are placed on the table with the five position deleted.

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