Star Trek Drinking Game



Star Trek (Original Series) Episodes or Movies, Booze

Intoxication Level

Low to Very High


Play the Star Trek (Original Series) Episodes or Movies with Booze ready 


Players choose any or all of the following events and drink if they occur...

A newly discovered planet is "Much like Earth"
A redshirt dies
Bones points out he's a doctor, not a _
Bones says "He's dead, Jim."
Chekov promotes Russian history
Chekov pronounces a 'w' like a 'v'
Chekov says "But Keptin...."
Communicators malfunction
Dilithium crystals are drained/inoperative/missing
Kirk's shirt gets ripped
Kirk bluffs his out
Kirk gets the girl
Kirk kisses the girl
Kirk outwits a computer
Kirk saves the day with a stirring speech
Kirk says "Phasers on stun"
Kirk says "We come in peace" and "shoot to kill" in the same sentence
Kirk takes responsibility for the whole crew
Kirk violates the prime directive
Klingon and Romulan technology is mixed up
Kyle makes his appearance as transporter chief
Lt. Leslie appears or is mentioned
Nurse Chapel lusts after Spock
Scotty complains about the warp speed requested/demanded
Scotty pulls off a miraculous technological feat
Scotty says "The engines canna take much more a this, Captain"
Special effects people cannot tell phasers from photon torpedoes
Spock looks into the science station
Spock refers to the doctor as illogical
Spock says "Fascinating" or "Indeed"
Spock shows emotion
Spock uses the Vulcan neck pinch
Sulu has the con
Sulu sets course
The Enterprise goes faster than it is possibly able to
The Enterprise is taken over by a superior alien power
The shields are about to collapse
The transporter is inoperative
The weapons are powerless
Uhura opens a channel in all frequencies and all languages
Uhura says "Hailing frequencies open"
Uhura sings
Yeoman Rand gives Kirk something to initial
Yeoman Rand serves coffee
You see a styrofoam planet or a planet with no atmosphere

Players choose any or all of the following events, and drink A LOT if they occur....

Anybody makes a "historical" reference to the 20th century
Kirk does not get the girl
Lt. Leslie speaks
Major character dies/is assumed dead
Starfleet exhonorates the crew for their violation of regulations/orders
Sulu gets a sword
The episode was blatantly ripped off by ST:TNG

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