Also Known as...

Walk the Line, Beep Test



At leat one cup per person, table, timer, pitchers, helpers to refill beers, beer.


A line is drawn 20 yards (or meters) from the table where the Players start. Half filled cups of beer for each player are placed on the table with helper people to refill when needed refilling (preferably on the other side of the table to avoid getting in the way).


A beep is sounded and one must walk to the table and finish their beer before the next beep. On the next beep they walk back to the line. If they fail to make it back in time they are out. The beeps get quicker and quicker, the Players will eventually have to run and chug. The winner is whoever can continue making the time. Vomiting is a disqualification,

 (Variation A) Barf Bags

Vomiting is not a disqualification, players carry garbage backs with them in case of an "incident:.

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