A Quarter, Booze

Intoxication Level



Players gather around a table with one quarter. Gameplay

The quarter is place on the edge and spun (like a top), Immediately after spinning the quarter, the player calls out the name of another player. This person must either...
1. stop the quarter from spinning by capturing it on edge with the tip of one finger.
2. hit the quarter using their finger so that it continues to spin,  after which they call another players name.

If the quarter goes off the table, the last player who touched it must drink.
If the quarter stops spinning and lands flat after a name has been called. The person who was called must drink, The original "spinner" gets to spin the quarter again.


Some add various rules dependent on whether it lands head or tails. For Example, in addition to the person who's name was called, if it lands heads - the person to their right drinks, if it lands tails - the person to their left drinks.

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