Speed Ball

Also Known as...

Poor Man's Pong, Ricochet

4 (Two Teams of 2)


Table  (Pong Table Preferred), Booze in bottles or cups, ping pong ball.

Intoxication Level

Medium to High


Four Players (Two Teams of 2) Gather around a Table (Pong Table Preferred), Teamates on the same side of the table. Gameplay

The starting player must throw a ping pong ball at the opponent's beer diagonal to his own. If the player hits the beer, their partner (on the same side of the table) chugs as fast as they can. While the player is chugging, the other team must get the ball, touch their partner with it, then touch the table with it. They may pass the ball to the teamate and the teamate may touch the ball to the table. The ball must contact both players and the table.

Once the ball has been recovered, The drinking player must stop. Miss or Hit, the oposing team shoots next.  Players rotate shooters. Only one shot per team.

The object of the game is to finish both beers first. If a player knocks over their own or their opponent's beer, they must replace it with a full one.

If a team only has one beer left, the team is skipped their turn when it is the player with the empty beer's turn to DRINK. This may happen to both teams at one point.

Swill Drinkers Variation (Variation A)

If a team only has one beer left, they take turns being the drinker and the shooter. When one cup is left, the oposing team takes turns shooting from the oposite corner of the tabe.

Lone Shooter Variation (Variation B)

If a team only has one beer left, the player with the empty drink is the shooter every time, the team is not skipped. 

One Touch (Variation C)

Some play that the retrieving player only needs to place the ball between their beers.

Flagship Rules (Variation D)

Some play that Should a player make it in an opponent's cup, the opponent must finish the beer and replace it with a full cup.

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