Also Known as...

Beer Snap



Booze,  Deck of Cards (No Jokers)

Intoxication Level



Players sit in a Circle, Dealer with the full deck of cards.


The dealer deals the full deck in the middle of two players, the two participating players must shout "Snap" when the card dealt matches the previous card dealt in value. The two players race to see which player can shout "snap" first. The player who says "snap" first wins the cards present in the pile, and the loser must drink.  The winner of game is the person to get all the cards, or the oponent can not continue.
The Winner then accepts a head to head challenge with the next Player.

(Variation A) Pile Drinks

Some people play that the loser of each hand drinks a specific amount based on how many cards were in the pile (i.e. 2 cards per ounce)

(Variation B) Finger Drinks

Some people play that the loser of each hand drinks until the dealer counts off all the cards in the pile (i.e If there were 18 cards in the pile then the Loser must drink until the dealer counts to 18).  The winner may count at any speed but is subject to future retrobution.

(Variation C) Rank Drinks

Some play that the loser of each hand drinks a specific amount based on what card was the matching card (i.e. 2-6 = 2 drinks, 5-10 = 3 drinks, Face card = 4 drinks, Ace = 5 drinks.

(Variation D) Empty Finish

Some play that the loser of the entire game must finish any remaining beer in their own cup.

Rounds-Snap (Variation E)

Some Play that all players play at the same time. When two cards of the same number come up in a row, the first person to put their hand down onto the top of the pile gets the top card, and is then allowed to "give out" the number of the card in drinks to whomever he/she wishes.

Rounds end when the dealer runs out of cards. The dealer passes the cards to the left and that player becomes the dealer for the next round.

Dealer's Out Rounds (Variation Eb)

Some people play that the dealer does not play on his/her turn.

Behind the Back Rounds (Variation Ec)

Some playe that all players have their Snap Hand (the hand they use to cover the pile of cards) behind their backs.

Suit Rounds (Variation Ed)

Some call snap on two face cards of same suit in a row, in addition to same rank.

Ascending/Descending Rounds (Variation Ee)

Some call snap on cards in either assending or decending order.

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