Smash Bros. Drinking Game


Also Known as...

Super Smash Bros. Drinking Game 



Smash Bros. Video Game, Booze

Intoxication Level

Low to High


Set up a game between 4 CPU players in Smash Bros (or Super Smash Bros.).  


Everyone bets on who they think will win the match. Set however many stock you like, and randomize the characters. Whoever bets on the winner doesn't have to drink, 2nd place takes 2 drinks, 3rd place takes 3 drinks, and 4th place takes 4 drinks. As well, you have to drink whenever your character dies in game.

Super Smash Bros.

For Super Smash Bros, the game is set up with 4 CPU players on Melee or Brawl usually the exact same characters are used on CPU controlled level 9 in a small stage. Bets are placed on which color character will win. All losers must drink.

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