Slur Ball


Also Known as...



4 ping pong ball,  16 cups, Standard Beer Pong Table, Booze

Intoxication Level



4 Players (2 teams of two) gather around a pong table. Partners are oposite each other across the long side of the table 4 cups are placed in front of each player in a line toward their partner.  Each team consists of two positions, shooter and defender, which switch each time a shot is made.


The objective of the game is to make the ball in the closest cup to you in your partners row. If it goes in any other cup it doesn't count.
The shooters of each team start with two balls each when the starting signal is given. There are no turns, each shooter shoots until they make it in the cup closest to themselves and every time they miss it is the defenders job to get their ball and the opponents ball back to their shooter.

Physical contact is aloud between the defenders bot not with the shooters. Once a shot is made the defender drinks that cup, then becomes the shooter. Repeat until the winning teams cups are gone.

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